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  1. Now this song is pretty cool. In the beginning part of the remix, it sounds very old-fashion until you reach 0:15 in the song, an interesting sound slowly creeps up improving the remix greatly. Now you have a nice combo going, then at 0:56, this remix isn't done impressing you, it shows multiple varieties of one of your favorite themes in metroid, combining different sounds and still being recognizable.
  2. Even though the song's length is a little short, to me it fits the way the remix is played. All the different sounds go together smoothly, its like a remix that you don't mind having it stuck in your head. Its one of my favorite metroid songs remixed.
  3. What I liked about this song is that the beats are simple and having a serious background sound to it. Its not one of the best metroid remixes out there but its worth listening too in my opinion.
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