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    Sony PS3

    Oh no not a PS3 thread Heres a summary of what sony is trying to sell you: The Perfect Christmas package, Supply and demand people. 400,000 WW release while millions of people will be looking under there christmas tree for a PS3 (Rich uninformed people mostly) Add that on top of ebays $4,000 price tags for ps3 (no, seriously, Search for playstation 3 right now on ebay) and youve got a "holiday disaster" for lil' timmy who has to settle for a Wii. DOnt play yourselves, Ps3's will be back in stock by January of 07 come april we'll be getting disc read errors and so on from the Launch system
  2. Hi everyone I'm nelwy registered to the site, but have been a fan for quite some time I hope to hear from a lot of you
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