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  1. Man has it been a long time since I've been here. Came with a lot of questions, got a lot of answers like a year ago. And now I'm stuck on something basic. The computer I had FLStudio on busted, so I'm now on this new computer. I re-downloaded everything and have FLStudio up and running once again! ...And I'm stuck. I came with this question last time (actually looked through my old threads) and was wondering about a Soundfont Player. In this latest version of FlStudio, do I still have to pay for a soundfont player? If that's the case, it brings me to my actual point of the topic. Someone last time gave me a solution for a free soundfont player called Vst Sfz or something of the sort. I Googled it and can't find it, and even if I could, I wouldn't remember how to install it or anything. I'm just looking for some help on getting a soundfont player I do not have to pay for, I just don't have the money to spend on it. Any help is appreciated for sure though
  2. The edit button seems to be going stupid on me I got the VstSFZ. I'm just wondering, what to do with it and get everything into FL Studio. I see I can click a soundfont file, but don't know what to do after that
  3. Ok, so there's a free way? That would be great Where's the VST Sfz at though?
  4. Ack! I downloaded some soundfonts and have been using them. But when I save, it says they're demos and can't be saved!
  5. It's an SFPack file I ended up getting it unpacked and installed. So, is this soundfont just 1 instrument, or what? Other than what comes in the packs, I don't really understand a whole lot more - I've never used a soundfont
  6. Sorry I haven't been here for a while, I've been having some computer problems I have tried doing this, and it may just be me being stupid, but I cannot install this or unpack it
  7. Sorry for the double post I just keep finding Soundfont Packers, not unpackers
  8. I can download that later, but I defintely (I cannot spell that word to save my life) will get it I struggled to find one. I Googled it and just got a bunch of posts at different forums I eventually got to one callef SFPack, which I will try
  9. Well, I downloaded the Soundfont, and the extension was .sfpack...Sfark seems to only want sf2, sbk, sfArk I might be using the wrong thing, I dunno though I got the soundfont from DarkeSword, just to let ya know
  10. Ah, I managed to get the Soundfont I got Sfark, but when I try to open the soundfont with it, I can't Also, how do I install these?
  11. Sorry to double post, I know it's annoying I just wanted to say that I went to his website. It's good looking, I must say that. But I didn't find where to download the Soundfont!
  12. Ah, ok. Do soundfonts work the same way as everything found in Packs?
  13. This may be a stupid question, but I need to ask it I may be missing it, but FL Studio doesn't come the sounds of instruments I need. I'mm looking for a Harp and a Xylophone and a Flute. I haven't seen those in FL Studio yet I was wondering, where can I get those (unless they're in the program and I missed it / If it's possible to get those sounds)? Do I have to pay? And lastly, if they're out there, do they work the same as the other instruments?
  14. That's true. I haven't gotten and other soundfonts or anything since I started with it I was successfully able to re-create the beat! Another thing I was wondering is if anyone had a good resource for string instruments...specifically instruments like a harp and others like that
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