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  1. Man has it been a long time since I've been here. Came with a lot of questions, got a lot of answers like a year ago. And now I'm stuck on something basic. The computer I had FLStudio on busted, so I'm now on this new computer. I re-downloaded everything and have FLStudio up and running once again! ...And I'm stuck. I came with this question last time (actually looked through my old threads) and was wondering about a Soundfont Player. In this latest version of FlStudio, do I still have to pay for a soundfont player? If that's the case, it brings me to my actual point of the topic. Someone last time gave me a solution for a free soundfont player called Vst Sfz or something of the sort. I Googled it and can't find it, and even if I could, I wouldn't remember how to install it or anything. I'm just looking for some help on getting a soundfont player I do not have to pay for, I just don't have the money to spend on it. Any help is appreciated for sure though
  2. The edit button seems to be going stupid on me I got the VstSFZ. I'm just wondering, what to do with it and get everything into FL Studio. I see I can click a soundfont file, but don't know what to do after that
  3. Ok, so there's a free way? That would be great Where's the VST Sfz at though?
  4. Ack! I downloaded some soundfonts and have been using them. But when I save, it says they're demos and can't be saved!
  5. It's an SFPack file I ended up getting it unpacked and installed. So, is this soundfont just 1 instrument, or what? Other than what comes in the packs, I don't really understand a whole lot more - I've never used a soundfont
  6. Sorry I haven't been here for a while, I've been having some computer problems I have tried doing this, and it may just be me being stupid, but I cannot install this or unpack it
  7. Sorry for the double post I just keep finding Soundfont Packers, not unpackers
  8. I can download that later, but I defintely (I cannot spell that word to save my life) will get it I struggled to find one. I Googled it and just got a bunch of posts at different forums I eventually got to one callef SFPack, which I will try
  9. Well, I downloaded the Soundfont, and the extension was .sfpack...Sfark seems to only want sf2, sbk, sfArk I might be using the wrong thing, I dunno though I got the soundfont from DarkeSword, just to let ya know
  10. Ah, I managed to get the Soundfont I got Sfark, but when I try to open the soundfont with it, I can't Also, how do I install these?
  11. Sorry to double post, I know it's annoying I just wanted to say that I went to his website. It's good looking, I must say that. But I didn't find where to download the Soundfont!
  12. Ah, ok. Do soundfonts work the same way as everything found in Packs?
  13. This may be a stupid question, but I need to ask it I may be missing it, but FL Studio doesn't come the sounds of instruments I need. I'mm looking for a Harp and a Xylophone and a Flute. I haven't seen those in FL Studio yet I was wondering, where can I get those (unless they're in the program and I missed it / If it's possible to get those sounds)? Do I have to pay? And lastly, if they're out there, do they work the same as the other instruments?
  14. That's true. I haven't gotten and other soundfonts or anything since I started with it I was successfully able to re-create the beat! Another thing I was wondering is if anyone had a good resource for string instruments...specifically instruments like a harp and others like that
  15. It's all good. Yeah, that solves the piano problem. I'll have to try messing with the knobs later on. I'm trying to "remake" this beginning with the piano, but I'm struggling (I've tried it with other instruments before I knew about the piano): www.supermariolegacy.com/TestVideos/Sample.mp3 I thought it would sound good with the piano, that's why I was wondering
  16. Yeah, I'm back. Sorry for dissappearing like that, but I have been using the program I got a few questions. The first is about just a basic instrument: I can't find a Piano anywhere in the program. I searched it in the Browser menu, but I didn't get a result except a loop and a premade beat The second is fading in/out of different sounds. Like, under Pads, there's a lot of sounds there...my question is how can I fade them, or can I somehow make my own of that type of sound Like always, help is appreciated!
  17. Oh, I know, don't worry. I have been with other features. I'm just trying to get basic song set up right now, that's all. It's just that I've literally never done anything with music but listen to it, so I'm pretty much trying to get all the windows/general music beats down right now. Actually expermenting with them to make them sound good...well, I haven't posted anything about that, have I? I'm just trying to get the format figured out I have experiencing struggling with programs...Photoshop mainly, thougt now I'm very applicable with it. First 5 months or so were killer with that program
  18. Gross underestimation by me. While I do not know musical theory and such, my friend does. I don't see him often though (he moved over the summer) but when he comes over he can help. He's been doing recording since he was like, 6 with his band. Actually, at one point, they were offered to play on national TV So that'll be a good start if I can see him about it. Real-life help is probably better - he wouldn't know the program, but he'd know the theory part So from here, should I basically just be trying to make stuff of my own, pretty much just to get familiar with the program?
  19. Well, I figured that, that's why I only tried the first ten seconds. It's a simple beat as well, and I've been making basic patterns for a little while now. A year though...is that a realistic time frame? 'Cause I know someone who learned in about 2 weeks and actually made some decent pieces. I'm not expecting 2 weeks by any standards, I'm just throwing that out there as an example
  20. Ok..I don't get what you mean by that X_X I tried redoing like 10 second of a song (DKC2 Brambles) and failed miserably... I do understand what I'm doing, I'm just not making it sound good now X_X
  21. I know. I should have about an hour or so soon to work on one, I think I'm going to try and make a basic 3 minute song or such I was just wondering something...I've been messing with the Playlist menu, and I'm wondering...how do I play more than one pattern at one? Or is that even possible? Whatever is in Pattern 1's row is the only thing that ever plays I know you can select more than Pattern 1, but playing them together? Possible, or not?
  22. Yeah, I hope to be one of the remixers here and such. I like music a lot and such, and it helps my site, so that's the whole rushing thing And of course I'll keep going =P
  23. Complete portfolio. And it's just not for my site, that's just where it'll mainly be at. I've longed to remix for so long, and with my site, it's an opportunity I wanted to take
  24. It's for my site, so I'm trying to get it done as fast as I can, like everything else I do XDXD I know it takes time, and I'm completely for it. I don't mind learning. Just getting started is what I'm trying to rush a little bit, which is me at fault, I realize that
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