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  1. There used to be a remix about the Diablo I Horadrim Order diaries, which was basically the voice over with a bit of music in the background. I haven't been able to find it on the site, did it get C/D'd or something?
  2. Come on guys, I know someone wants to try! Most of us heard this song through Eversion and it's just awesome, I can't believe it hasn't been remixed yet.
  3. Good day, I apologize for my insistance, but my first post with some genuine corrections for the spanish version seems to have gone widely ignored (maybe not the "el" and "su" corrections, but there are some sections that sound extremely weird as written). Also, I could help out writting the last document in spanish down, since it's been so long and it hasn't really been updated at all.
  4. Violence, Power, Enforcement Link (Youtube): So many remixes should come from the songs on this game, but this is one of the few originals it has. There's a single part on the whole song that merits the whole remix, so if anyone is up for the challenge (Darangen maybe)?
  5. The song is awesome, automatically added to my list of favorites... but the ending... well, I was expecting something bigger... still awesome though.
  6. The first part of the Submission Standars is missing in the Spanish translation: This document describes the process for submitting music to OverClocked ReMix and the standards by which submissions will be evaluated. By submitting your music to this site, you are agreeing to our Content Policy; please read it first before proceeding. Translates to: Este documento describe el proceso para presentar música a OverClocked ReMix y lo estándares por los cuales tales materiales presentados serán evaluados. Presentando su música al sitio, está aceptando nuestra Política de Contenido; por favor léala antes de proceder. ****************************************************************************** Point 2 of the Format section is missing: Submissions must be 6MB (6,291,456 bytes) or less. Translates to: El material presentado debe ser de 6MB (6,291,456 bytes) o menos. ****************************************************************************** Point 3 of the Format section is written in a rather incorrect way. I may not be savy in the exact technical term, but it refers to the fact that "material" can also be taken as a plural in this case without adding "es" to the end: Los Materiales Presentados deben tener un título original. No nombre sus materiales enviados como la pista original, el título del juego, o como usted. Should actually be: El material presentado debe tener un título original. No nombre su material como la pista original, el título del juego, o como usted. ****************************************************************************** In the Ownership part, point 1 is missing a small part. Also, that "Su" sounds really strange. Although it wouldn't translate directly as well, that should be changed to "El", since it is already obvious that the reader is the one presenting the submission, and thus the one the document is referring to. This makes the phrase sound more correct. The original: Su material presentado debe un arreglo original de su autoría. Should be: El material presentado debe ser un arreglo original de su autoría. ****************************************************************************** In Ownership, point 3, there word "envuelve" should actually be "comprende", which means the people/things actually involved. Also "varios" should be used instead of "múltiples" as it is more common. Again, "el" should be used instead of "su" as it sounds more correct and it's less redundant. In the 3rd subpoint in that same part, there's also a part that doesn't really make sense and can be removed. Thus the first section is: Si su material presentado envuelve múltiples artistas, asegúrese de que todos los artistas: With changes should be: Si el material presentado comprende a varios artistas, asegúrese de que todos los artistas: And the third subpoint should have all the underlined part removed: Están siendo acreditados con el nombre y la información de perfil con los cuales desean ser representados en lo adelante en OverClocked ReMix. ****************************************************************************** I reached point 3 but have to occupy myself in the moment. Later in the day I will post about the rest.
  7. I have the original but my NES doesn't work anymore. The battery also got damaged like only a year after I bought it, so I had to make the 7 hour run. The guy in the cover kinda makes me remember Fabio but with black hair XD.
  8. I've gone around the net and can't seem to find neither of these two: -The ending song for Crystalis. It brings back a lot of memories, and even though it's short, it's awesome. -The ending song for Mario Kart 64 (which appears on the music dump on Zophar as "Victory Lap"). This one is just for a personal reason... Whoever would like to pay attention to one of these two... that'd be awesome. ESPECIALLY the second one, really.
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