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  1. Let me start off by saying this: Years ago, I was too young and video game ignorant to have heard of Final Fantasy. Or even the Playstation. I keep on hearing about how great FF7 is, and I'm wondering if anyone thinks Nintendo might remake it, as it has for FFI through VI. Here are some possible (But not official) circumstances (Both for and against FFVII being remade). Pro-remake circumstances: -Nintendo has remade many FF games recently, and might continue -The DS does seem to have the potential for this kind of game (And the ActImagine (Or whatever it is) videos should make the cutscenes lo
  2. I'm generally the 'Graphics<Gameplay' type of guy, but this isn't always true (Last Christmas I made the mistake of playing Twilight Princess immediately after Half-Life 2). There are a few factors that I'd like to point out... Competiveally speaking (8-bit against HD disc games is a one-sided fight) Utilization (Is the game in particular meant to be realistic-looking [HL2], or artistic [Okami... or something else like that]) Limitations (How good can graphics possibly get before causing problems?) First, there's competition. Like them or not, graphics are still a major selling point in the
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