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  1. I haven't posted here in years but I just felt like I needed to put in my two cents this time. First, I'm not a big fan of this thread. While there are definitely things annoying about certain gaming communities, the bottom line is that they aren't the best representation of those communities. Also, "trash talking" pretty much goes hand in hand with competitive gaming. Its always been there and will always be there. If you don't like it just lower the voice chat volume or make fun of and laugh at the retarded comments these kids are making. Secondly and more importantly, the negative perception of the Fighting Game community is totally wrong. I can't speak for Smash Bros. because in all honesty that is its own separate community. Most perceptions of the FG community couldn't be further from the truth. In the FG community, pretty much everyone is really tight knit. The community is really helpful and has absolutely no problem welcoming casual or new players. Now with that being said,what we don't like are the new players that think they are the shit and believe they are only losing because the good players are qoute "Using cheap tactics". The community is very helpful when it comes to helping people learn how to play and get better. What we can't do is fill a cup that's already full. The term scrub comes from those players as term specifically refers to "players of low skill level who blame everything and everyone else for their loses rather than there lack of skill and knowledge of the game". If you are humble in defeat and ask for tips on how to get better, the vast majority of the time you will get a welcoming response. Also the fighting game community does trash talk a lot but its just for fun. It isn't really meant to be derogatory. Its more like friends joking around and insulting each other in conversations. Its meant to lighten the mood. That being said, the community does have its fair of jerks and assholes. However, these guys are often not taken seriously and usually don't represent the community accurately. All the top guys like Alex Valle, Mike Ross, Combofiend, and Justin Wong are really cool guys and are the good representations of what the community is like. I know all this from experience. I'm a casual fighting game player with a very low level of actual skill and the community has embraced me. I go to tournaments and get my ass kicked and more often than than not, the player who beat me gives me tips on how to do better in the future without me even asking for it. All my friends could care less that I suck at the games. They just like that I enjoy what they do and that I appreciate the community.
  2. I'm just happy Amaterasu is in the game. Form what I can see from the gameplay demo, she is going to be super fun to play.
  3. For me in particular, this is a dream come true. Tekken and Street Fighter are my absolute two most favorite fighting game franchises ever. Words can not describe how excited I am for this game and its Namco counterpart. As for "What can Kazuya do agianst Hadokens?" he can crouch dash those easily. The gameplay demo illustrates that perfectly.
  4. It was announced a long time ago. http://wii.ign.com/articles/994/994637p1.html Anyway, if the game does make 2010, I hope the quality doesn't suffer seeing as 4 years seems like a short development for a completely new (not using the same engine) Zelda title. Unless they started before Twilight Princess was finished.
  5. If they include Alex, then it is a definate buy for me. I also wonder what they mean by budget price. $29.99 sounds reasonable to me.
  6. As a huge Metroid fan, I really want to play this game. I don't have an Xbox though. Hopefully they will port it to PC in the future. However, sometimes I do get a little put off by how much like metroid the game is. The guy runs pretty exactly like samus. The map looks identical. And that foam gun is pretty much the same as the ice beam. Still want to play it though.
  7. A teaser from 1up. http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/26257 Anyone recognize the music in this teaser? Edit: Another link. This one doesn't have music though and its faster which makes me susupect the music in 1up's vid was added on by them or another 3rd Party which slowed it down as well. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/tgs-09-okamiden/55431
  8. I was hoping the movie would be based on Thrall's or Arthas's stories but everything I have read about it so far says its a completely new story. Anyway, I like Sam and I think he can do a good job if he is given a enough freedom.
  9. I took the survey. Found some of the questions interesting. I honestly don't see whats so wrong with having a favorite remix. Its like asking what's your favorite food or movie. I'm sure for some people its hard to pick just one track from the many greats but others might not find it that difficult. I think its stupid that people shouldn't be allowed to dicuss this because of flaming or other circumstances like the designation of "best mix ever". So what if <insert track here> is your favorite remix. Its your opinion and preference and your entitled to it. Anyone who disgrees can but shouldn't make such a big deal out of it. If your opinion is based on your personal preference then its not worng. Its not like the person is claiming its the "best mix ever" but just simply "my favorite". Also most popular or most picked doesn't always mean best, so I don't see why thats such a big deal. So basically I'm saying people shouldn't be discouraged from from having a "favorite mix" but it probably is best to "keep it to yourself" based on current circumstances (immature flaming).
  10. Well if the list was based solely on popularity than the Super MariosBros. Theme should have easily got number one. Even people who don't play games know that music. So I can't quite figure the list out. I personally would have picked a another Metroid theme. There are more memorable (and better IMO) themes from that series.
  11. Definately C for me. I really don't mind the other stuff but I just can't stand when something is just out of reach. I guess its because I always try my best to collect everything in platformers.
  12. I honestly don't think their is anything wrong with the wii's current motion controls, they have worked just fine for me in every game I have played them with. The only problem is that they are limited. Thats why this motion-plus add-on sounds great. Basically its going to allow you to do what the sensor-bar does without the sensor bar. Imagine playing a FPS without having to point the wiimote at the screen all the time. Thats sounds great to me, too bad it won't work with previously released games.
  13. I think this question greatly depends on what you consider art. Like it was mentioned early video games are a from of art if you look at arts basic definition which is a form of creativity. It that sense video games certianly are art. However if you want to look at it from a classy or sophisticated view (fine art) maybe most video games don't fit into that category. However that would mean a lot of music and movies don't fit into that category eithier as many weren't made with the special purpose of moving you emotionally, stimulating your senses, or encouraging critical thinking. So to me it all depends on how you view art in general. Just my thoughts.
  14. I have been waiting for this mix ever since I beat Okami (which was like a year and a half ago). I kept thinking "When is someone going to remix Reset". Finally that day has come and I must say I am very impressed. McVaffe, you did an awsome job of making a great song even better. Like a couple said before, its pretty difficult to take a song like Reset and arrange it well but you did an excellent job. I Love this mix and I hope you continue the good work. Nice to have you back.
  15. Thats becuase it is fake. IGN confirmed it was an elaborate April Fools Joke. http://movies.ign.com/articles/863/863492p1.html Like I said before, IGN went all out on this one. It fooled a lot of people.
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