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  1. I got bored and wrote a different theme to the FPS F.E.A.R then decided to use it as a TAFE assignment, with video from the game set to it, i managed to get a 96% for it, the link for the video is below, feedback is appreciated. Thanks Guys, Timothy
  2. Hello all, my name is Timothy Anderson, but i just prefer Tim, i mean saying my full name would be a waste of perfectly good time when you could be doing things like painting a picture or something...anyway i'm rambling now I joined in the hopes of contributing some stuff, or just helping out with any projects that go on here. i'm 20 years old, from australia (yes the stories you have heard are true) and currently i am studying music production..apparently next year i'm supposed to be a registed Pro Tools operator, apparently i get a t-shirt from Digidesign for free, bless their hearts Hopefully i'll be submitting some stuff of my own, but for the moment i got a few more video game themes to work on and some short film stuff (useless update 5) So if anyone wants help with anything like mixing tips or wants a free mastering done (still working on getting perfect at it) drop me a line Thank you, Tim