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  1. Sup OCR My first CD-format record has just been released on CrunchyCo records. You can get it here: http://crunchyco.com/shop/ It includes both original tracks and arrangements produced between early 2007 and now. All songs were tracked out by hand in modplug. No midis were ripped . Nothing but un-restrained OCD. The album described in the words of Gabe Hayward: Thanks for your time, guys. I've been a long-time fan/supporter of OCR since day one (1999 or 2000? can't remember). ALSO, this is going to sound insincere, like I'm buttering you up, but I'm not, and I mean this from the heart of my bottom: I love this site and everything it stands for VG music should always be accessible as possible. There's no reason to hide video game music from the masses, the people, the real fans. VGM is a worldwide phenomenon, not a tiny clique, and we have OCR to thank for that. Oh and I'm not a spambot (lol)
  2. These logos are awesome! Thanks a ton. Yup, this contest is still on. I'm thinking of a futuristic 16-bit SNES-style design, but feel free to try out any ideas you have! it's much appreciated! The album is finished, mixed, and mastered. It is in its final stages right now. I'll do what I can to keep you all updated.
  3. Hey you guys! Spamtron here. I suck at graphic design, so I thought I'd ask if anyone here would like to design a logo and/or promotional image for my music. I will send a free copy to my new album, "Never Say Die" (coming out soon), to the person who designs the most badical logo. If you're interested, send me stuff here: http://myspace.com/spamtron By the way, the new album is coming out on CrunchyCo soon. Stay tuned for details! It will be both an mp3 and physical CD release.
  4. Haha, yeah, long-time OCR fan here (since 2000). The orange version of OCR was awesome. My set will probably consist of chiptunes and guitars. I'll try to keep this thread updated!
  5. Yo! I'm playing a chiptune show on March 22nd! West coast people, try to make it out to this! February, 29 2008 at Dr Dad’s Fortress 2629 French Rd. NW, Olympia, Washington 98502 Cost : free spamtron, KGHB, !oven rake!,colin self, more! visual excitement! Be there! it will be epic, I promise. I finally got around to posting this, hope it's not too much short notice. seriously, it's going to be epic, and you'll regret it if you don't go. Big thanks to MC Firedrill for setting up and hosting this show!! this is going to rule. be there. there will be epic visuals and epic music... and just epic 8-bit stuff in general. it will be something like this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Gal_mPHcWr4
  6. haha, yeah. that title was the previous guitarist's idea. he's no longer in the band, though, haha. The next EP will be way more "live", if you know what I mean. Expect live drums and more guitar playing.
  7. Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm really happy that people are digging this stuff. We recently played at Magfest 6 and had a blast. The quiet vocals were a decision on my part. At the moment, I'd like ESD to be mostly instrumental. My view of music is pretty different from I started this project. Our newer stuff will be just as melodic, but a bit less harsh. By the way, we're working on a new EP or full-length album at the moment. There will a new ESD web site when I find time to start working on it. By the way... I'm thinking of making a thread called "Design a logo for ESD". It could be a design contest or something. Give me your thoughts!
  8. Hey OCR! I will be performing chiptunes with Electro Static Discharge at the Jamspace chiptune concert. It starts at 1pm on Friday, January 4th. Other artists at the chiptune show will include Virt, Wizwars, and quite possibly my good buddy Dino, also known as Cheap Dinosaurs. Nope, I'm not a spam-bot. Hope to see you there! :] info can be found here!
  9. Hey there! I'm in a chiptune metal band called Electro Static Discharge, or ESD for short. This summer, we released a EP which you can download here: Electro Static Discharge - PWN TEH N00B The EP contains 7 tracks of epic, brutal 8-bit metal. I composed the songs, with help from Phlogiston and Riders from theshizz.org on the last two tracks. The last track is a videogame cover of a great theme by Chris Huelsbeck.
  10. TODAY: LIVE EXTREME TECHNICAL VIDEOGAME POWER METAL! JUNE 3RD, 2007!!!! PORTLAND, OREGON! @ ROCK N ROLL PIZZA @ 4PM!! Electro Static Discharge June, 3 2007 at Rock n Roll Pizza & Gorilla Productions 11140 SE Powell Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97266 Cost : $8 advance, $10 @ door Harken to me! VG Metal band Electro Static Discharge have consented to take part in a "Battle of the Bands." We were understandably disappointed when it was explained to us that this event does not, in fact, contain any actual battling. Our spirits were lifted however when we realized that this was indeed battle of sorts; but one of mind and music! So if you are hardy in battle and wish to support the mighty space vikings in ESD and live in or around the metvl bastion of Portland, keep the 3rd of JUNE open! For More info check out the page where we have graciously posted a high quality image of the show flier. Thanks again all for t3h support, when Cthulhu rises from his watery slumber and summons ESD forth to do his dark bidding we will put in a good word for all of you. MIGHTY HAILS The Cosmic Trolls of ESD http://myspace.com/esdlol
  11. MEGA038 - Return of Mega Twerp Compilation That's right, it's offical. We are back, and we are rocking harder than ever. Spanning the many different styles that make up the video game style music scene, this compilation contains 17 tracks that are proper atari and essential to your music collection. And this is just the tip of the Iceberg of what's to come here at the new Mega Twerp! *urp* ohok bye! http://www.megatwerp.com
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