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  1. First impressions: - Why are you using YouTube to host a song? - Your samples are pretty generic - The cymbal crashes are unvaried and gratuitous - The piano that comes in at 1:04 or so is thin and the arrangement of the piano part clashes with the plucked instrument. - It's... a cover?
  2. Beautiful concept, great execution (despite lots of highs, as you noted). One thing I will note, however, is that you can get the same disjointed feel without messing up the sub-tempo tempo of your samples (00:49-00:55, specifically, which repeats at 01:28 - 01:34). That is really throwing off the groove, and causes unnecessary clashing at 02:00. 01:37 and 02:07 are great examples of good execution in maintaining the sub-tempo
  3. Happy B-day Escariot

  4. Glad to see a torrent update. I will be seeding as much as I can (currently at ~1.53) (omg random necro post from Noah)
  5. Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars. They botched the UI, making it less scalable, no graphical upgrade at all, UI buttons are not descriptive at all, and there's no way to change the resolution. It is far worse than the original Deadlock
  6. Hello! I agree with you completely here! I didn't hear the final mix, but I do think that Hale's vocals in the mix are... narrow. Also, the Chorus embellishments are great the first time around, but I would've like a bit more variation from chorus 1 to 2 to 3. It just seems a bit overdone by the time the second part of chorus 2 comes around. Overall, I like it, though! gg
  7. Thanks for your feedback Escariot!

  8. One of these days, I'll make it to another meetup that doesn't involve Otakon, PAX East, Katsucon, AnimeUSA, or MAGFest... Because I work all of those conventions... Then I'll actually be able to hang out, go to TGIF, and IHOP, and actually do shit... >_>;
  9. Highlights: - Most everyone from OCR stopping by JamSpace to bring copious amounts of musical talent to the stage. - A lot of guys coming in just to hang out. - Finally getting to meet Mono and Prot. - The Megas. - Being ON STAGE at New Years Eve during the countdown, when Jon St. John came on stage. (I was drumming / fucking songs up for the most people we've ever had inside the Concert Hall). - Staff afterparty. Shit moments: - Liz, I don't think I actually got to meet you. - Working ALL the time, not being able to make any of the OCR events or the panel. - Leaving. Overall, I had a great time... Things ran much more smoothly than it has in the past, and we had over 2200 people in attendance this year. I look forward to the next time I get to meet some of you. If you were there, and didn't get a chance to introduce yourself, I apologize.
  10. Personal experience with meetups: First meetup - DC VGL '07. Never before this point have I ever met people in person that I first met online. The first person I ever met was Kroze, whom I had spoken to for the first time literally 9 hours before I left my house. Then I met Lukas, whom I had never spoken to, but got a PM from during the night before I drove to pick him up. My first meeting with Jill and Andy: Andy was in the hospital as a result of a birthday appendectomy, so Kroze, Lukas, Nicky, and myself all drove to the hospital to stop in and say Hi. Drove down to DC to meet the rest of the OCR folks at the Kennedy Center, and literally got out of the car just as everyone else was walking to the Center. Inside, we met Tommy Tallarico and the rest of the VGL crew. After the VGL concert, a large number of us headed over to djp's house for fun, games, and music. I spent the night at djp's house that night, and left before the BBQ the next day to take Lukas and Kroze back to Philly. I took Taucer with me, because he wanted to go to joecam's house for 4th of July celebrations, and had to go to Woodward the next day, so after driving to Philly and back to central PA for a car swap, I drove me and Taucer to Wilkes-Barre to joecam's. List of people that I met (incomplete): - Kroze - Lukas - pixietricks - zircon - djpretzel - BigGiantCircles - GeoffreyTaucer - DarkeSword - Harmony - Jose the Bronx Rican - DJSammyG - RealFolkBlues - Arrowned - q_pa - Bahamut - DragonAvenger - Pezman - Moguta - joecam - Pappy - Various other joecam friends I dunno, between OCR and MAGFolk, there aren't many people between there that I wouldn't be comfortable driving hours with, or crashing in a room with, or sharing a bed with...
  11. RAR!! He is Escariot, Keeper of the Codex OCADUS!!

  12. Chem8stry - Please refrain from tagging and releasing your song with OC_ReMix unless it has been officially posted. Tagging files is not necessary for submission. I'll listen and review tomorrow.
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