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  1. Do you mind checking the link again? Because when i started the topic i had the final version ( version 3 ) on newgrounds. Damn it , their server must be busted again.
  2. I use a Tanglewood TSE 505camo edition. (Les paul style guitar)
  3. If i may ask though , how can i make my guitar riffs less muddy?
  4. Alright , thanks for everyone's reviews , i will try and mess around more with the volume levels.
  5. Hey everyone , i just finished this http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/142766 It's a Metal remix of Level1 from Battletoads Battlemaniacs on the Snes. Enjoy.
  6. http://upload2.net/page/download/GOGEld6Evv5Ckmu/Strider%2BHiryu%2B%28Hyper%2BRemix%29.mp3.html A general Remix Inspired , and featuring pieces from the orginal tune. Its fast , and its upbeat.
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