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  1. Initially I was kinda put off by it. The time between the 'big moments' was setting me on edge with the breaks caused by the high hat. Turns out with some tweaking of slider settings (turning the 12 and 14khz slider way down, and bumping the 60-600 up a bit) its one HELL of a track. It was causing my poor (abused) one-way headphones to dump everything so all I heard was the 'tic tic tic' of the hat. Once I burnt it to disk and put it in a good system (3 way /w a 12" sub) it was far and away better and didnt need any tweaking. Personally Id have liked the Taikos to have been 'fuller' but hey, cant have everything at once. Plus I cant imagine they record well, with all the over/under tones they generate.
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