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  1. I really liked this song. Are you going to do any more work on it?
  2. I'm not a remixer, but I really like it. It does sound more Oblivion-ish to me because of the way the main melody is treated.
  3. I love it. What sort of direction are you thinking of taking it after the current 2:36?
  4. What?! It sounds nothing like the LOTR Movie music. It's just like the SNES LOTR music, the video gaaaaaammmmeee.
  5. I love the music from this game! I also utterly adore the PC version of the game (which was solid, unlike the incomplete SNES game). I really like your mix, but I'm not a remixer, so I have no advice to give. Perhaps it's too close to the original song? Nonetheless, I think you did a good job. There are many songs on this site that don't sound as good as this.