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  1. Hey bLiNd, sorry I haven't been on lately. I only just noticed this thread. Anyways, I'm glad to hear you feeling better and I offer my best wishes to your full recovery.
  2. Anyone know where I can find a dx ring modulator? A free one preferably.
  3. It's not actually a piano, it's one of the synths that was replaced, but I see what you mean. As for the flute it's only used for the counter melody and so can't really be much louder than it already is. But I'll se what I can do with it.
  4. I've wanted to have a decent crack at this one for ages. Now that I can, I did. Sequencing the bugger took long enough due to my mediocre relative pitch. I was kind of inspired by IGN's LoZ movie trailer and wanted to do something that would fit snugly into an LoZ movie. Link - Tempus Aeterna
  5. Ever since the release of Blood on the Asphalt, I have never been entirely happy with my track Murder Instinct. For a start alot of the samples were godawful. The strings sounded like they were dropped into a meat grinder. Also my production and mastering skills were woefully sub par, resulting in a badly produced track. So, after a year or so of knowing that abomination was out there, I decided to go back and clean the damn thing up. I stripped the track down and salvaged what I could. I replaced the strings with ones of a much higher quality and played around with the counter melody a little. I also replaced some of the synths. At the moment it's still a WIP, but already it sounds far better than the original. Of course any feedback you can offer would most helpful. Link: Murder Instinct REDUX
  6. I'm disappointed, but hey ho. Win some, lose some. Thing is I've got the time on my hands now, I would quite happily do another version. Ah well, not to worry. At least I was part of BotA, dispite my tracks ropey quality (Which, incidentally, I am now able to fix), which is something I am proud of.
  7. I still lurketh... I've been following this whole thing for a while now and I've been searching for anything, be it confirmation, rumour, wild speculation or just mindless burbling of my track being included in game. Still, I live in hope.
  8. It broke my heart to read of such a great loss. It was more than two years ago, while looking for Street Fighter remixes, that I first stumbled upon OCRemix and in particular Reubens 'Ryu for Four Pianos'. It was such an amazing interpretation of an iconic piece. I downloaded it immediately. It was that which helped kick start my own foray into remixing. He will be missed by so many. To his family he was a loving son and brother. To me and many others who knew him only through his music, he was an exceptionally gifted musician whose music could make your hair stand on end and send shivers down your spine. The music may have stopped, but it hasn't died. Reubens memory and his music will be kept alive by those who remember him. Farewell Reuben. You and your music have been inspirational.
  9. It's really coming along well. I look forward to hearing the finished track.
  10. I do like this. As someone whoes been having a crack at Elder Scrolls for ages, I can safely say this is a fantastic idea. There isn't much advice I can give you that hasn't already been given. I can't wait to hear the final piece.
  11. I caught an old episode of He-Man on TV the other day and couldn't help but knock up this. It's not perfect, but enjoy anyway. By-The-Power-of-Grayskull (link updated)
  12. After watching ThunderCats on DVD I got a rush of nostaligia and whipped up this. It's more of a medley of the various character themes (Bernie Hoffer used alot of leitmotif in TC) as well as the main theme. Thundercats theme
  13. I started out with Music 2000 a.k.a. Music Generator 2. It's a cracking little program and is capable of some pretty high quality stuff. My track 'Murder Instinct' from the Super Street Fighter 2 ReMix project was done with M2000. However, whilst it does come come with a few thousand samples, a good portion of them aren't that great and some are utter turd. Also it does have its limitations with what you can do with the samples. Your also limited to the 4/4 signature. It's a great little package but you'll eventually outgrow it, just as I did. I use Cubase now. There's far more functionality and it has a cracking piano roll.
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