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  1. Hi Alex. Thanks for the input. Very interesting. The first silence was important to underline the second glorious start of the melody. The bass comes in suddenly again and I love this style. Hmm I wonder why it did not work for you. Maybe good plan but badly fulfilled. That idea with reverbed percussion on slow / silent parts is good. Used it in some songs but did not ever see it as an intentional strategic implementation. Music theory. Nice idea. Will keep it in mind! I often thought of shortening songs like in a "radio version" to have more tension and shorter songs. People will like it
  2. Hi, had chance to do something again after all the years. This is the woderful original no-one will know: This is my remix: - MP3: http://music.vultracide.net/Paul_Ograbisz_-_The_Unrecognized_Powers_-_09_-_Wrath_Of_Earth__Wrath_Of_Earth_Remix_.mp3 - Stream: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Paul+Ograbisz/The+Unrecognized+Powers/Wrath+Of+Earth+%28Wrath+Of+Earth+Remix%29 PART 2 [EDITED (INSERTED) AFTERWARDS] The song deals with the main intro theme of the rather unknown game "Wrath Of Earth". The original intro song is kind of minimalistic (as midi music with teccy beats sometimes is) and per
  3. Well, I can understand all this you both mentioned. And thats not just a sentence to knock your critics away. I really know (!) why the song is bad for probably most people. Let me answer with a song from "Robert Hood" called "Rhythm Of Vision". This is minimal style and consists of repetition: " ". Check it out to see what is a nice and perfect song to me. (Besides big stuff like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc. of course... But thats another world.) And don't say Mr. Hood is a newbie. ^^Some people can't stand the first minute of his song. I can listen to this half an hour without getting bo
  4. Hello, thank you for your impression. I thought a lot about it, because I expected such feelings could be evolved due to the song's minimal and simple design. But after I listened to it today again (after more than a week of not thinking about it) I find it really good. There might be some reasons why your experience was so bad: 1. You don't like Minimal music. ^^ 2. Pay attention to the song's structure: Part 1 - until 0:47 - Intro - Cool and quick Part 2 - until 1:51 - 1st Main - Minimal and maybe disturbing Part 3 - until 2:23 - Split - This is where the song changes to the NEW main p
  5. Good day OCR Community, today is a great day for me because I finished a cool remix for a very cool game. Its a very free interpreted remix of the first levels in Doom 1 & 2 (& another short tune from another level ^^) and it is made from scratch without using any source music. Important to know about the song: IT IS ACTION! IT IS EVIL! IT IS A MARINE RUNNING BERSERK ON MARS AND EARTH TO SAVE THE WORLD! -> Its about the coolest way of playing and thinking about Doom. Song: Coolest Way (Doom Remix) Genre: Minimal Electronic (Maybe not so minimal at all...) Length: 4:18 File: 22
  6. "Don't judge-hate - masturbate!" (I think you invented this.)

  7. The midi file had the number 6, but this number does not resemle any level. Many songs were used many times. For example the song of the first level in the first sector has number 7... So your remix has first song 6 and then song 1 remixed. Your remix shows that you have understood the source songs. I think the song feels a little bit like a western and has a hispanic touch sometimes. I don't like that you change the simple electronic game style of the song to something that sounds like film music. The drums make it sound like a pop song. Sometimes the song destroys the dignity of the powerf
  8. I have got this song as the ominous "Age of Empires (Rise of Rome) - XMusic6.mid" in my MIDI-Archive: I don't know the name too. You chose very well, because this is my favourite song besides #3 and "Open" (The menu song)! I like electonic music. I find Techno rather stupid. ^^ It mostly serves people (talk is about listeners) who cannot express their feelings in a more sophisticated way. But even then, this must not apply to the makers of the music; and not to all songs. Because YOU expressed some very important details of the source song very well! I donwloaded the song to underminde this s
  9. You found a tune that you liked and then made a good remix out of it. That is what I like. The source IS good. Nice short piece that almost nobody pays attention to. It's good you helped that short piece to reach the ears of listeners more effectively. You made an Electronic/House song. It really feels like a summer sunshine song or at least something pieceful with good hope for the (near) future. I always rate songs by checking if I would listen to them in my daily free time. I'm not sure here. But I think I do really find this song good. Maybe you should cosider something most people are a
  10. Oh look, a remix on this site from a console game I even know! ^^ I listened to it. It has all important melodic features of the original. I would never listen to it in my free time, because I personally think there is seldom reason to turn something into a Rock/Metal genre. (Although I like Rock and Metal!) Although much of the silly fun of the original seems lost because of the hard guitar sound, there is a new silly fun created through the - thats what I would call it - "medieval viking sound". You wrote this took you four hours (on youtube), so I think you did good work! Like I said, I w
  11. Good day dear OCR community, after a very long time I am proud to present you a new remix made for my open album. Title: Epic Megagames (Kiloblaster Remix) Album: The Unrecognized Powers Game: Kiloblaster Volume 1: Death Of A Starship Remixed: Intro song Genre: Minimal Electronic File: 224 kbps mp3 Listen: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Paul+Ograbisz/The+Unrecognized+Powers/Epic+Megagames+%28Kiloblaster+Remix%29 Download: Klick the album's download button at http://vultracide.net The last year content for this album was produced was 2008, so 2010 is a very happy year for me in this conte
  12. Good day dear people, what I want present to you is a song that was inspired by the game Arx Fatalis. Unfortunately, it is not a remix. But because it is so good and a game was cause for it's existence, I would really plead you to listen to it, for it is unbearable for me seeing that song lying there unknown to anybody. People must hear this. I just can't rest. So please check it out and have patience with it. (Main part starts after middle of time.) The song is what I call Minimal Electronic. It is of rather interesting character and has many turning points in it that make it more interesti
  13. I have played Doom for my whole life and can say: This song is not cool enough to tell the tale of a serious fighting space marine against hell. I don't like the pitch or style of certain parts. The music reminds me of a cheap new metal band instead of a historical game which is the father of new age shooters. The song will never be able to fill the sad hearts of the remaining space marines - who lost almost all their comrades - with pride about the performed fight for humanity. It IS a remix of a Doom song, thats right! But in consideration of the bigness of the Doom-phenomenon and -history
  14. Too long. 1. The song is not so cool enough to play such a long time. There are no special scenes in it; and I would recognize them even if I didn't like them. 2. I don't know, but I have the feeling it is just boring and has not enough character, which I - like mentioned above - would recognize as well even if it wasn't my favorite style... So: Why don't you concentrate on the main statements (there are some hidden ones) in the song and present them more compact and purestrain? Please do not feel offended too much - only a bit. =D
  15. SUPPRESSING FIRE 1. The "harps" I was really afraid of what you've mentioned. But I am wondering a bit, because when I hear this song, I mainly concentrate on the beats and the super cool Dune2-like bass. =D So the "harps" (cool name! ^^) do not come too much into the foreground in my ears... (hmm) The "harps" are acutally guitars. These are taken directly from the source song and are arranged to a sample in mutual performance. So there is no synth involved used to make these sounds. 2. Repetition My songs are always made in a minimal concept. And unfortunately the repetition is a vital
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