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  1. Hi Alex. Thanks for the input. Very interesting. The first silence was important to underline the second glorious start of the melody. The bass comes in suddenly again and I love this style. Hmm I wonder why it did not work for you. Maybe good plan but badly fulfilled. That idea with reverbed percussion on slow / silent parts is good. Used it in some songs but did not ever see it as an intentional strategic implementation. Music theory. Nice idea. Will keep it in mind! I often thought of shortening songs like in a "radio version" to have more tension and shorter songs. People will like it quicker and the lovers will download the longer version. Yea. Don't think OCR will post it. But thats not my plan. ^^ Just want to have your more or less professional opinions. Of people who really think about and reflect what they hear. Your cite "good job of bringing out that awesome retro VGM feel" is wonderful. Thanks! Good to hear that. I think I understood what sound you meant regarding the sexy "verby string rhythm" ^^ but what do you mean by "swelling bass and the kick drum"? Maybe the GOA style ending? The ending somehow always gets me off. The ending with no beats and tension without a real big break out. What do you think of it? Thanks for the text dude, Paul.
  2. Hi, had chance to do something again after all the years. This is the woderful original no-one will know: This is my remix: - MP3: http://music.vultracide.net/Paul_Ograbisz_-_The_Unrecognized_Powers_-_09_-_Wrath_Of_Earth__Wrath_Of_Earth_Remix_.mp3 - Stream: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Paul+Ograbisz/The+Unrecognized+Powers/Wrath+Of+Earth+%28Wrath+Of+Earth+Remix%29 PART 2 [EDITED (INSERTED) AFTERWARDS] The song deals with the main intro theme of the rather unknown game "Wrath Of Earth". The original intro song is kind of minimalistic (as midi music with teccy beats sometimes is) and perfectly fits my personal music concept and preference; regardless of genre. SONG STRUCTURE [PART 1] [to 01:04] Custom beginning part no futher original melodies. Made it because the synth in the real remix part was so cool and I wanted more of it. [PART 2] [to 03:11] The actual remix. [END 1] [to 03:59] Custom end part with no futher original melodies. My testing of Goa style music. [END 2] [to END] And my beloved wonderful long ending. The basses there remind me of the beginning of a Paul Oakenfold remix of Madonna's "What it feels like for a girl", so I left them there for the smooth end. Could be an own strange song but I wanted to leave it by the remix because it was created with it. SONG PROBLEMS 1 - Mastering: To much middle and bass sound. - Segue from intro to remix: Listener surprised/overwhelmed by the new sound setting. Could not solve this. SONG PROBLEMS 2 Here "problems" that occur because people hate these aspects while I always love them. ^-^ (I make the music for me, but others throughout the world should also listen to it.) - Long intro - Drums do not change really - Minimal concept / much repetitions - Some parts that make the song longer but I could not take them out or build something else in it. Especially [03:12 - 03-28] I really wondered the first time I made a wav file of the arrangement because the song was so long.
  3. Well, I can understand all this you both mentioned. And thats not just a sentence to knock your critics away. I really know (!) why the song is bad for probably most people. Let me answer with a song from "Robert Hood" called "Rhythm Of Vision". This is minimal style and consists of repetition: " ". Check it out to see what is a nice and perfect song to me. (Besides big stuff like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc. of course... But thats another world.) And don't say Mr. Hood is a newbie. ^^Some people can't stand the first minute of his song. I can listen to this half an hour without getting bored. This is the crux. Its not that I never made other and quickly accepted/liked songs than this Doom remix, but to say it in clear words: Sometimes it must be exactly cheesy to be good. #Line inserted by editing afterwards: Also the Severed Heads' song "Dead Eyes Opened" is a very good example for the music I try to make. ("http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTSxc3z-Ems&feature=related") I'm not trying to copy a style, I just like simple minimal repetitive music and as a result make such music. By the way: This song is an early indepentend godlike masterpiece of the 80s! Enjoy!!!# What the heck is "DSoP" and "DQD"? ^^ Only thing that bugs me a little: The mixing/mastering of the song is not good. Oh, I'll take the chance and answer directly to your points @Rozovian: 1. Roger. Accepted and understood. Doesn't bug me. 2. Pop Music? Good Lord. Please... Thats not right. See Robert Hood's nice song for explanation. And: Well, seems like above I'm defending the way you dislike. ^^ 3. Mixing/Mastering is not good on this song. It's clumsy. @AMT, I did not feel attacked. It is good that you all give me your opinions very clearly.
  4. Hello, thank you for your impression. I thought a lot about it, because I expected such feelings could be evolved due to the song's minimal and simple design. But after I listened to it today again (after more than a week of not thinking about it) I find it really good. There might be some reasons why your experience was so bad: 1. You don't like Minimal music. ^^ 2. Pay attention to the song's structure: Part 1 - until 0:47 - Intro - Cool and quick Part 2 - until 1:51 - 1st Main - Minimal and maybe disturbing Part 3 - until 2:23 - Split - This is where the song changes to the NEW main part 2 Part 4 - until 3:59 - 2nd Main - This is the EVIL part which is a little more complex and contains some sounds from Doom. This is what makes the song so cool. Part 5 - until E:ND - Ending. Acually not really an autonomous part. If you don't listen to it all, you loose something. Lo Wang's sentence "No pain, no gain" is true here. Please be patient. Your stop after 2 minutes was unlucky. Unlucky for me, because my song couldn't convince you fast enough - or at all. But I know thiss issue. For people not into Doom, Minimal Music and/or Regular People's Music it may be very difficult to like. 3. The song is not good on headphones. It's boring sometimes. But with my small sound system it really rocks the house. Its true. Besides, the song is completed for eternity. There will never be any editing or resubmission. This is what the people have to get to grips with. ^^ It's a nice and strange song. I hope a hand full of freaks out there on the planet will like this and discover it someday, for they are my target group. AMT, thanks again for posting a reply. I was very happy to get some real feedback. The rest of you please be welcome to enjoy this song and say something if it touches you heart - positively or negatively. And another specific question for all those of you who don't like game samples in songs: How do you like the faint samples used in the main part 2? (="Part 4" in the list above.) They are almost inaudible, are they? ^^ I think they fit in very well! Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz.
  5. Good day OCR Community, today is a great day for me because I finished a cool remix for a very cool game. Its a very free interpreted remix of the first levels in Doom 1 & 2 (& another short tune from another level ^^) and it is made from scratch without using any source music. Important to know about the song: IT IS ACTION! IT IS EVIL! IT IS A MARINE RUNNING BERSERK ON MARS AND EARTH TO SAVE THE WORLD! -> Its about the coolest way of playing and thinking about Doom. Song: Coolest Way (Doom Remix) Genre: Minimal Electronic (Maybe not so minimal at all...) Length: 4:18 File: 224kbps mp3 Album: The Unrecognized Powers Listen to the song quickly without wasting time: http://www.last.fm/music/Paul+Ograbisz/The+Unrecognized+Powers/Coolest+Way+%28Doom+Remix%29 Download the song together with the whole album: http://vultracide.net/ - I don't like long songs (greather than 3 minutes), but there was nothing left to cut out, and even the first long part couldn't be shortened because it sounded strange and would make chaos in the listener's song structure during play. So please forgive me that 4:18 =D But at least its full of usable content! - The song is basicly divided in two parts. The song's structure is easy to understand and although I tried to be minimal where possible there is very much variation. Most people will be bugged by the first main part, because it's the first part with few changes. But just hear further and i think you will be pleased. - Real Doom music freaks will recognize some nice elements in this song. - There is one sound error (clicking) in the change of main part 1 to part 2. I simply don't care. - Without bass or good headphones this song could be very boring. Leave a comment if you are thrilled positively or negatively. Also try to check out my other old and terribly underrated epic remixes when downloading the mp3 or at last.fm. Thank you all for your interest. Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz.
  6. "Don't judge-hate - masturbate!" (I think you invented this.)

  7. The midi file had the number 6, but this number does not resemle any level. Many songs were used many times. For example the song of the first level in the first sector has number 7... So your remix has first song 6 and then song 1 remixed. Your remix shows that you have understood the source songs. I think the song feels a little bit like a western and has a hispanic touch sometimes. I don't like that you change the simple electronic game style of the song to something that sounds like film music. The drums make it sound like a pop song. Sometimes the song destroys the dignity of the powerful Raptor music, although you try to make a serious and good song. You must make your song more important to be a good raptor song. It does not convince me until now. You must make the song strong and powerful to stand besides the music of raptor. It is not in the least powerful yet. You must fix that. If you think that my last paragraph of "hints" is too vague, you will never create a good raptor song.
  8. I have got this song as the ominous "Age of Empires (Rise of Rome) - XMusic6.mid" in my MIDI-Archive: I don't know the name too. You chose very well, because this is my favourite song besides #3 and "Open" (The menu song)! I like electonic music. I find Techno rather stupid. ^^ It mostly serves people (talk is about listeners) who cannot express their feelings in a more sophisticated way. But even then, this must not apply to the makers of the music; and not to all songs. Because YOU expressed some very important details of the source song very well! I donwloaded the song to underminde this statement with some accurate playtime. 1. Your interpretation of the bell-sound that never changes is a very good one. When the bass synth begins to change, it creates the right and exact feeling the source would want it to have. 2. After 0:40 comes the second detailed instrument. It does it's job right. 3. I find the new asiatic instruments at 1:09 not so well expressed, but it is good enough to recognize it; Although I would set the focus of the melody in another way. But it is your interpretation, and it is legitimate. 4. AND NOW: The very part beginning at 1:23 and building up and down until 2:15 is your masterpiece! Thats the correct expression of the feeling the original created! 5. Last main part and end are standard. Maybe do something special here. From the performance of the song, one can really deduce and see that you liked AND understood (!) the source. My idea for you would be to change something in the song to make it unnecessary for people to know the source. Maybe at some points more "citing" from the source, to make a closer connection and then to drift away into your interpretation again... Few people know that the guys at Microsoft sometimes made a good job making music. ^^ After all, it is a better remix that some of the crap that goes past the judges. But OCR has another understanding of remixes, and thats legitimate, too. Because they stick to their imagination of remix music solidly and consequently. Thats good. But you are good, too. ^^ Nice man.
  9. You found a tune that you liked and then made a good remix out of it. That is what I like. The source IS good. Nice short piece that almost nobody pays attention to. It's good you helped that short piece to reach the ears of listeners more effectively. You made an Electronic/House song. It really feels like a summer sunshine song or at least something pieceful with good hope for the (near) future. I always rate songs by checking if I would listen to them in my daily free time. I'm not sure here. But I think I do really find this song good. Maybe you should cosider something most people are afraid of: Make the song much shorter. Or make the main passages (I heard at least 3 main parts connected) more characteristic. I don't know how. Interesting work.
  10. Oh look, a remix on this site from a console game I even know! ^^ I listened to it. It has all important melodic features of the original. I would never listen to it in my free time, because I personally think there is seldom reason to turn something into a Rock/Metal genre. (Although I like Rock and Metal!) Although much of the silly fun of the original seems lost because of the hard guitar sound, there is a new silly fun created through the - thats what I would call it - "medieval viking sound". You wrote this took you four hours (on youtube), so I think you did good work! Like I said, I would never listen to such music in my free time (except for the testing few minutes ago ^^) but it does not disturb; and it would always fit into a combined artwork - as background music for a video or so.
  11. Good day dear OCR community, after a very long time I am proud to present you a new remix made for my open album. Title: Epic Megagames (Kiloblaster Remix) Album: The Unrecognized Powers Game: Kiloblaster Volume 1: Death Of A Starship Remixed: Intro song Genre: Minimal Electronic File: 224 kbps mp3 Listen: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Paul+Ograbisz/The+Unrecognized+Powers/Epic+Megagames+%28Kiloblaster+Remix%29 Download: Klick the album's download button at http://vultracide.net The last year content for this album was produced was 2008, so 2010 is a very happy year for me in this context! I am confident that some of you will find this new music I finished this morning (working over night) very interesting. It was very time consuming to make all peripheral things ready for the new song, such as to update my website and so on... but now the song is ready for your ears! It has some artifacts (clicking) in it, but I don't mind, because the product is finished and the mastering went well enough. The sound failures are part of the final product. This song is not bothered by such earthly issues. ^^ I guess most of you won't even know the game. But half of the song consists of my own melodies, so the connection to the original product is not needed everywhere. Some of you may wonder about the song's title or find it inappropriate. Firstly I want to say that the company's name is written in a special way, its "Epic MegaGames". Further, this remix should represent all of the epic games (superb games -> Megagames! =D) of this company and show respect to them. I hope you enjoy this new remix and that it will knock you down positively. Please do not hesitate to criticise or compliment, but the most important thing is that you listen to it on stream or after download. My music has no value if noone listens to it... So give it a try, if you're bored or interested. =D Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz.
  12. Good day dear people, what I want present to you is a song that was inspired by the game Arx Fatalis. Unfortunately, it is not a remix. But because it is so good and a game was cause for it's existence, I would really plead you to listen to it, for it is unbearable for me seeing that song lying there unknown to anybody. People must hear this. I just can't rest. So please check it out and have patience with it. (Main part starts after middle of time.) The song is what I call Minimal Electronic. It is of rather interesting character and has many turning points in it that make it more interesting. And finally, it is short; what concludes a very important thing, because short songs are often reheard by lovers and more acceptable to haters. =D The name of the song states everything to know about the mood of it. Location: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Paul+Ograbisz/Advanced+Audio+Ultra/The+Crypt Thank you very much for incorporating this visual and acoustic information. Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz.
  13. I have played Doom for my whole life and can say: This song is not cool enough to tell the tale of a serious fighting space marine against hell. I don't like the pitch or style of certain parts. The music reminds me of a cheap new metal band instead of a historical game which is the father of new age shooters. The song will never be able to fill the sad hearts of the remaining space marines - who lost almost all their comrades - with pride about the performed fight for humanity. It IS a remix of a Doom song, thats right! But in consideration of the bigness of the Doom-phenomenon and -history, this song cannot be considered a good Doom remix. (Even though id messed it up itself with the perky Doom movie...) It is not. And: There is nothing epic in it. It does not convince me. Your technical performance is outstanding - the sound and all instruments are clear like the vacuum around mars... But sometimes I am afraid, that this is the only criterion the judges are looking at; For this song has neither own characteristic greatness or power nor any effective, that would have been copied from the source. - The beginning sounds like "Hangar 18" from "MegaDeth" for a moment... - The accents set in the background sounds during the solo diminishes it's power. - Example: I was lucky hearing the solo beginning at 2:36, but two seconds later at 2:38 I realized that the setting of boring personal accents that derive from the source continue... But at least I'm glad to see people concerning themselves about good 'ol Doom.
  14. Too long. 1. The song is not so cool enough to play such a long time. There are no special scenes in it; and I would recognize them even if I didn't like them. 2. I don't know, but I have the feeling it is just boring and has not enough character, which I - like mentioned above - would recognize as well even if it wasn't my favorite style... So: Why don't you concentrate on the main statements (there are some hidden ones) in the song and present them more compact and purestrain? Please do not feel offended too much - only a bit. =D
  15. SUPPRESSING FIRE 1. The "harps" I was really afraid of what you've mentioned. But I am wondering a bit, because when I hear this song, I mainly concentrate on the beats and the super cool Dune2-like bass. =D So the "harps" (cool name! ^^) do not come too much into the foreground in my ears... (hmm) The "harps" are acutally guitars. These are taken directly from the source song and are arranged to a sample in mutual performance. So there is no synth involved used to make these sounds. 2. Repetition My songs are always made in a minimal concept. And unfortunately the repetition is a vital part of this. (I'd really understand it, if you don't like this style.) DIRECT FIRE @Rozovian 1. The voices Why are the voice samples cheesy? If you mean the quality, you are certainly right (!), because the original files are low quality and have disturbing "artifacts" in them. (Especially the warrior voice "scratches" the boxes.) But please allow me to defend their usage: They all belong to the final quest "Lazaus' Staff" before descending directly to Diablo. Thank you two for the first bunch of imressions and criticism!
  16. Exactly, dude. Your song is okay in all matters. If it has reached the state that you wanted it to have, no improvement is needed anyway. By the way: I did not find the delayed effect disturbing. It was not a mentionable problem for me at all...
  17. The first things to say - that may seem unimportant but actually IS important - is, that this song does not bug the listener nor goes on his nerves. And: It could be from a sequence of a film or else... Maybe in a part where someone has a audience-heard monologue with himself and is on the way home... So, nothing special inside it until now. But: Its not crap. And that makes is good enough to throw it on other people - which you have already and successfully done. Modify it or leave it. I think it can only improve IF you did (that sentence was no criticism), so don't panic.
  18. Good day OCR Community. INTRODUCTION Today it is another beautiful day for me to present you a new cool remix! Based upon an older Diablo Remix of mine, it is the product of what came into my mind when I played through Diablo (What happens several times a year ^^) and thought about my older remix... It is this kind of song that constitutes it's title as a "remix" mostly from certain connections to the source stuff; but at the same time moving inside a completely newly invented sound environment. (Besides: One of the best examples for this kind of procedure can be heard in the very popular vampire disco-song in the film "Blade", where the "Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix" of "Confusion" really IS a remix of "New Order"'s song, but has moved away to another sphere of music's experience and execution.) Note: Please be sure to have a sound system with adequate bass, because without the bass line, those of you who may at least like this song a bit, may not understand and like it, when it comes into their ears in soft higher tones. (And so on...) INFORMATION Title: The Tristram Incident 1996 (Diablo Remix) Album: The Unrecognized Powers Track: #6 Length: 2:46 Genre: House (Or something like that...) Like mentioned above, this song is a variant of my older remix "The Spirit Of Arkaine (Diablo Remix)". DOWNLOAD 192 kbps @ FileFront: http://hosted.filefront.com/VrJadison 96 kbps @ Vultracide: http://freenet-homepage.de/vultracide/audio/The_Unrecognized_Powers.html Have fun with it and always enjoy! Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz. In Service Of Audio Art.
  19. Hello again! =D I am really happy with what you've written. Thanks for listening to my stuff. _______________ @FireSlash Yes, the remix only tries to present the given content in another way, especially setting accents on certain locations in the song and giving cool background sounds to make the song feel epic. (Remember the fading out concert of synthesizers between final and silent parts or else...) Besides the correct fact member Macavity mentioned, the pulsing sound has one main function: When the game starts, the dark Cygnus-logo appears before the very cool intro starts. This is the moment, when the unknown, dangerous pulsing sound can be heard - it is the first thing to be heard in the game, so it should be (like when using the game) the first thing you hear before the adventure in my song starts. ^^ Sounds in old games are mostly recorded in bad quality not to be recognizable during gameplay. As we can see, it is recognizable in nowadays remixes. But I don't mind, because this untweaked sound is a connection to the game and it's history, which itself should come into the listeners mind everytime... Besides, Duke Nukem 3D uses this sound, too. It is mainly heard near big computer stations. (Not wondering: Apogee is now 3D Realms...) Even MTV used this sound in a commercial clip for it's own program. Seems to be open source; like many sounds in old games. The more I listen to this song, the lesser does me bug the mastering. Dependig on the hardware you're listening to it on, I think it is okay on most configurations, especially in car's soundsystems. ______________ @Macavity I don't think it would come through the judges. I don't exactly know, but I think they don't listen to such music genre (House/Minimal/Techno, something purestrain electronic) in their free time, so that they won't be willing to see over the buggy mastering. My only wish is, that a hand full of people on the planet are sort of happy, even if they would hear the song only once after download. _________ Misc Sometimes I find, that my recorded breathing at the beginning sounds a bit like a Tie Fighter flying by. ^^ Check it out.
  20. Good day dear OCR Community. ________________________ INTRODUCTION I have made another remix that comes with my album. Its all about Apogee/Cygnus's ultimate flying game "Raptor". Everybody who knows it good, will recognize the songs. All others will enjoy it, too, I think. __________________ SONG DATA Remixed Game: "Raptor: Call of the Shadows" Song Name: Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix) Album (who cares? ^^): The Unrecognized Powers Genre: "House" maybe, something electonic... Length: 4:28 min ________________ DOWNLOAD Free and quick instant downloads - klick and listen: [Remember song name: "Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix)"] 192 kbps @ FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/Mercenary+Killer+Pilot/;11116597;/fileinfo.html 56 kbps @ Vultracide: http://freenet-homepage.de/vultracide/audio/The_Unrecognized_Powers.html ______________ THE END Be aware: - Sound is kinda crazily overdriven - Some sound-klicks could be at place - The mastering could not solve the problems that the song is overall over-bassed But... -> I'm happy with it and it brings instant action into your room! =D And: It's cool! Please have fun with it and always enjoy! Yours faithfully, Paul R. Ograbisz. (...in service of audio art. =D)
  21. Hello Nutritious, thanks for your reply. I want to answer to it: - Do you mean importing from the MIDI by saying "direct sampling"? If so, don't worry, the track is made from scratch: I started with a blank arrangement. - The only samples are the ones extracted directly from the game, in detail that would be all the soldier's and gun's sounds, the player's sounds and some ambience and special sounds. Thats almost nothing and is only ment to be a cool feature for the ROTT fans. - Repetition is a vital part of that genre. I myself do mostly "house" or even "minimal" tracks, which would result mostly in finding a cool tune that is good enough to be heard all over the song and building a beat- and additional sound-construction around it, so that variety takes place somehow. I am not surprised if anyone who is not seriously into electronical music will not (want) to understand this kind of compositions. (I don't know if that statement applies to you.) - Yes, you are right: The samples are low quality at source and partially had even been made a bit worse with a so called "bit machine"-plugin, because I have no compressor (or whatever is needed to do that) to eliminate the klicking in the low quality samples; I thaught this the only way to make the best of it. - The song wouldn't change a bit, if the samples you don't like were missing. So please ignore them: They are just for fun and not a vital part of the track. - The drums make enough noise on my subwoofer, so I thaught they are just in right state to be heard good and not to be in the foreground too much.
  22. Good day, another remix of mine hit the net, proud to please the very few that will ever get to like it. I contacted 3D Realms to check this track out either. Lets see what THEY will say. (If they'll do at all...) _______________ TRACK SPECS Name: Dark War (Rise Of The Triad Remix) Album: The Unrecognized Powers Remixed Original: Suck This! (MIDI) Genre: House (At least something electric) Length: 2:36 (Short is cooler than long if you're not Led Zeppelin, Rare Earth or else...) ____________ DOWNLOAD 192 kbps mp3 @ FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/Dark+War/;10065817;/fileinfo.html 96 kbps mp3 @ Vultracide: http://freenet-homepage.de/vultracide/audio/The_Unrecognized_Powers.html Yes yes, good 'ol Vultracide... very cool! Find more useful things there if you like. (www.vultracide.de.md) Or hate it. ^^ Yours faithfully, Paul Roman Ograbisz.
  23. @Dafydd Please show me some parts with weird notes. (Track time/interval) I did not include wrong notes intentionally nor do I think, that there exist parts with wrong notes playing. Althoug I'm thinking you are really wrong in this case, I admit not being the god of music and therefore I'm really interested in your statement. @All PLEASE NOTE: The 96kbps-version is not really good in quality and the music will have really scratchy sound regardless of sound system quality! The 192 kbps file from FileFront or especially my high bitrate wav-file that I listen to at home both have clear sound, only including 1 or 2 clicks that I could not eliminate and are occuring between realtime performed synth-samples. Example: The part ending at 0:31 to 0:32. (My computer seems not being the best to make clean files of tracks...)
  24. @All Thanks for your comments, for they honour me very much; doesn't matter if negative or positive, because your words show the feelings I knew the song would evoke in it's listeners. I got one important question: The summit and moment of high feelings that I invented for this song is the final part with the 80's-guitar-like downstairs-solo part. (Beginning at end of 2:07) It symbolizes the main achievement in the glorious battle scenes that I recommend to imagine to this track. (Doom story contents and so on...) How do you find it? Because I really love it! It's the sparkling orgasm of the track... And once in action, music keeps pushing the listener to another level with every second passed. @Dafydd "some really weird chords and stuff going on" - Yes, you are certainly right. To describe the song in a metaphor or scene, I wanted it to be like going into the heart of the battle zone, smashing things out there while combat becomes lesser and then again harder. I know the song is lightly overdone and very penetrant to ears of the especially new listener, but although I know it's beauty may keep undiscovered in most cases, I cannot calm things down and destroy the soul of this doom-song. I listen to my song only for pleasure, never for background music. =D It always takes my full concentration. (Do not wonder, I am the author, so thats not really an argument) The smiley is wisely chosen and very funny! @Rozovian It prooves not to be repetetive because I try to cut my songs down to a primary message of feelings I want to deliver to listeners. This message cannot be compressed nor expanded, for this would make it be untrue. I know the intro takes much getting used to, but in knowledge of the full song, I hope it makes sense afterwards at the latest. Like I stated in the introduction post, this song is made from the scratch, only using the original midi as an example. Interpretation firstly takes place in the overall rougher, harder but more dynamic soundstyle compared to the original soundtrack; and then in the intro and final part, which I am proud having developed by myself. The original song begins at 0:47 and ends at 1:51, whick makes 1:04 of 2:44 for the original track-loop. (Background: The game music was played repeatedly until end of level - you know, like almost always in old games...) Copy and paste is an absurd procedure someone like me would never use or use in only ways not worth mentioning. @sigareth Yes, things disort a bit when all synths (mostly two or three of the same type as things are constructed) are playing simultaneously. Polish is missing, that is why I wouldn't post this one to the judges: Even if it would be taken (which I do not belive at least in matters of sound quality), the song would be a freak under calmly and smoothly sounddesigned songs. I do not really think the drums are buried, furthermore they are somewhat rather peacefully co-existing to the techno-drums in my opinion, because this both basebeats don't share all of the same frequency, but I agree that most people surely will be disgusted by their penetrant nature, infiltrating the song's basic idea of being an instrumental rock song. There is no stereo in this song. =D=D=D (shhhhhht: secret!) Hope this does not let you loose too much respect of it. After the synths were making a revelution by noise and claimed the listener's full concentration (very legitimate in this track), I recognized snairs and cymbal-crashes eventually being more important anyone would ever think. So I made the choice to let the percussion being pushed into background, when synths wanna hit the box. Conclusive info: - Every techno-beat (except one in the beat-loop) consists of a slyghtly quieter beat going ahead a moment before. So they are double-beats. - A better version of the song will be available someday, but I don't know when. Could be months or even (this is what i believe) years... especially because the song is part of an slowly growing album that needs my 'artistic' (thats what I want to call it =D) attention. - It is cool to know the original music, that will make the sight onto this song clearer and more conclusive/logical/convincing.
  25. Good day! Well, I got a new Remix. It is the fifth out of my album. (Which is going on very slowly.) Here is the data: Title: Doom Forever! (Final Doom Remix) Album: The Unrecognized Powers Remixed song: TNT Map08 (tnt_ddtblu) Genre: Maybe "SynthRock"? =) Download sources: - My Profile at FileFront (192 kbps): http://hosted.filefront.com/VrJadison - My Homepage, if FF does not function (96 kbps): http://freenet-homepage.de/vultracide/_p_Data/_p_a_The_Unrecognized_Powers.html Here are some facts that are good to know about this song: - The song is made from the scratch - Intro and final part are my work, middle is copied original song (but better ) - Part of main part and part of final part are underlaid by a strong bass beat that makes the song groove a bit like house or techno. (Not really recognizable without a subwoofer.) The regular percussion is not harmed through it and it's base drum can be heard all the time. - The beginning and the intro of the final part are underlaid with a strange synthetic bass-hammering. That is NOT a sound failure, so don't be surprised or shocked. - It feels great to massacre some demons with this background music! =D What do you think of it? Thanks for checking out the track! PauL.
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