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  1. I glanced over at the translation lyrics, and I'm relieved at the decision to have the song in Chinise as opposed to English. The vocals match the music incredibly well, and repeating the English lyrics in my head only sounds awkward. Excellent composition choice!
  2. this album is goddamned fantastic. I remember sandopolis being a dreadful zone, but the concert-metal spin on it was ear-gasmic. The compilation as a whole is much more than I could ever ask for, and Spire's work on the album art is icing on a musicalicious cake. Moar pleze.
  3. it's hard to believe how good this album is. I stumbled across it about a half year ago, and there is never a bad time to listen to it. Escaping Retribution is truly incredible. Is there a way to get Protricity condensed into liquid form and injected intraveinously?
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