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  1. Rabanastre (Lowtown) is my favorite track from Final Fantasy XII, THANK YOU! I really enjoy how your track incorporates it.
  2. FF4?!?! Loved it, if the remake was done well I would be extremely excited about picking it up...and a DS
  3. thanks everyone for your suggestions. I ended up getting a smattering of the stuff I heard from you guys, as well as some that my buddy recommended, and I have more on order. I'm surprised there wasn't more space-type stuff suggested, but alas... Johnny I have read actually, I really like it. Invader Zim is also fantastic. A double yahoo for dark humor
  4. The list keeps growing, very nice. Also, I don't know if anyone has hit on it yet, but any good space comics out there? Not so much looking for star wars or star trek, although anything amazing in either would be nice, but more original stuff. Thanks guys and gals...if there are any gals...8p
  5. nice keep em coming
  6. Im not well versed in the comic universe and my buddy is having a massive sale at his store today (May 5th). Im looking for some recommendations on either zombie (serious/dark humor), sci-fi (future, apocolyptic, cyberpunk, etc...), or anything just insanely awesome in other genres...NO SUPERHEROES PLZ!!! Nothing wrong with 'em, I just am looking for something different. Also, they'd need to be something accessible, meaning not on the 100th issue or freaking hard to find the early stuff sort of thing. I'd appreciate any minutes anyone can spare to give me an opinion. Thanks
  7. Agreed. The bunnies MUST pay for their insolence, ...and the bees...the bees have been lording their honey over us for FAR too long...
  8. Rent them for the GC, or if you could find them at the same price then go with the gamecube. Mebbe even if it's relatively similar. Personally I played them all on the PS systems, and that's fine too, but why not go with the newer system? The game is not going to be much improved however, i point to as a source. You'll find similar comments for the other two, marginal improvements, but it's been awhile so you may find comparable prices. However you get them, part 2 has four campains, each character has an A and B game, and they are all well-worth the playthrough for the information. Oh, and I hope you've already played 0 and RE. Enjoy yourself, and for god's sake play 4 afterwards if you haven't already done so.
  9. Don't hate on me, but I've watched every episode of the original series, the animated series, the next generation, deep space nine, enterprise, and im halfway through voyager. Oh, and I've seen every movie. IMO, the original series has the best character interactions between the main characters of any of the shows, and although TOS really shows off only Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, the original 6 movies (which I have to say are all freakin awesome except the 1st one is a bit artsy and doesnt have the "adventure" feel the others do) really do a great job of showing how the other characters are also quite badass. The original series also had a wacky, and almost light-hearted feel at times, with a soundtrack to match, and although chuckling along with the main characters seems kinda odd, it really worked. The Animated Series is also fantastic. Contrary to it's cartoon nature, alot of episodes were written by veteran original series writers and surprisingly have episodes that are as complex and interesting as those found in its live-action counterpart. That and the fact that the creators were able to show things in a cartoon that aren't easily displayed in a live-action medium means if you are a fan and want to expand your Trekness, you shouldn't pass it up. For these reasons I am interested in another animated series coming out. In my eyes, these new people have some big shoes to fill and if they are up to the challenge, it should be a good show. Anyways, onward with the series... Next Generation had a great collection of actors, and great episodes to back up these actors. This series gave us lots of great villains, characters, and Q, what else needs to be said? Generations and First Contact are also really great movies, but the rest left me with a real "meh" feeling, and I downright disliked Nemesis. Deep Space Nine also had great episodes and actors, but what I mostly got from this series was its complex story and setting shown throughout the seven seasons. Out of all the shows, this show was the best at showing the living, breathing, universe of Trek, and the arc is fantastic. I'm not going to comment on voyager because I haven't seen it to completion, but I must say that aside from Paris, Kim, and Ba'Lana being kinda annoying at times, I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would've. I guess that just leaves me with Enterprise. I really wanted to like Enterprise. I watched every ep of its 4 seasons as it was shown on TV, and I must say, the first 3 seasons were really dissapointing. Sure, there were some really good episodes sprinkled throughout there, but I'd say for every 1 good ep, there was probably about 5 bad ones. Characters were hardly fleshed out, except for Phlox, and highlights of the show were few and far between. The third season was one long arc, but it stretched too long and IMO they wasted a season they could have used to make characters more interesting by fleshing them out and making more memorable interactions. The 4th season was great tho. I guess they knew where the show was heading and decided to get all their good ideas out and really made a season I would call great Trek. Although I really didnt like the ending, the 4th season in combination with the good episodes sprinkled throughout the other 3 made the whole thing worth it, but just barely. Anyway, I've posted this because I'm excited to see serious thought on the continuation of Trek, and as a commentary to anyone who is considering watching any other series from the Trek universe. I would also recommed to watch whatever show you are on in order, and always watch atleast 10 eps to give yourself a good idea of what the show is about. The different series were so good, I would hate for a Trek fan to miss out.
  10. No, Tyson is beatable, its just freakin hard and it takes practice. First of all, he's almost, or is, untouchable for the first 1:15 min of the first round, mainly because any hit he lands on you is a instant knockdown. So pretty much you gotta get the pattern down and avoid getting hit till that first part is over, then you got a shot cuz he doesn't dish out knockout punches with every swing. He's still a goliath, but...well you just gotta work him and try to finish it within the 3 rounds. A tough boss, but not unbeatable.