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  1. Another good remix from MkVaff that holds up on my playlist. I feel the "intro" takes a little too long (50 seconds) though, and I agree that the ending is wayyy too abrupt (even with MkVaff's style). Still a keeper!
  2. Scott P does it again. I really enjoyed his other Link's Awakening remix, very different, but lovely work here as well that still holds up on my playlist. 😎 Big yes to the funk
  3. Yesssss. Great NES adventure game for its time. Unique setting (if you couldn't tell from the title), creative and interesting game play (again, for its time). As for the remix, the quirkiness definitely matches the source. As with the game, it may not appeal to everyone, but count me as a fan that still appreciates this mix when it comes up on the playlist.
  4. A low-key remix that snuck up on me after a few listens and still hangs out in my playlist. Very smooth, although I'm not a fan of the static. Still, an early remix that still holds up for me 👍
  5. Simple but effective, this remix still holds up for me. Agreed that it improves as it goes on, but the simplicity kinda sets that up to work. Also agree that the ending is too abrupt, but otherwise 👍
  6. I'm wondering if that video ever got made! Regardless, this piece is still hanging out on my playlist. Great take on the source, always a pleasure to listen to this smooth tune
  7. Great use (and mix) of the source tunes that still holds up. As others have said, it could be longer, but this remix creatively displays some of the ambience of Samus's journey within its short runtime.
  8. A personal fave and permanent resident on my playlist all these years later. The source selections, transitions, sound effects, the beat...👍👍 Stellar timeless (IMO) example of early OCR
  9. Agreed with Marmiduke, although I actually tried listening to this song several times on repeat and it leads in and out to itself quite nicely. You gotta be a fan of that backing tune, right from the source, and I really am. Nice remix that still hangs out on my playlist.
  10. An older remix for sure, from style to production, but I still like the take on the source. I like the vocals, and the remix gives me Parasite Eve vibes, so thumbs up!
  11. You never know what kind of gold you'll find in that AM wilderness out there! Truly unique remix that is still on my playlist. The intro is a lovely (tiny) portion of early OCR.
  12. Great remix from a great source, well selected! Still filling out the weirdly wonderful on my playlist.
  13. Well said, chill with intensity. An oldie but still a regular on my playlist for its ability to transport me with the soundscape
  14. Not my favorite genre, and yes it's repetitive, but it does a good job with the source and it just...works! Very easy to listen to, IMO, and still on my regular playlist in 2024
  15. Agreed. Not a whole lot added to the source, but the remix itself still has me bippin' and boppin' in 2024!
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