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  1. Not my favorite genre, and yes it's repetitive, but it does a good job with the source and it just...works! Very easy to listen to, IMO, and still on my regular playlist in 2024
  2. Agreed. Not a whole lot added to the source, but the remix itself still has me bippin' and boppin' in 2024!
  3. Another classic MkVaff that continues to live on my playlist. Not a fan of how one prominent effect has aged, but overall it fades away into the loveliness of the rest of the remix. Speaking of fading, I also agree that the ending could have been drawn out a bit more.
  4. Not the craziest mix, or the most technically impressive, and it does feel too short, but damn it's so easy to listen to. The beat plays on, even after all these years. 👌
  5. I agree that it still holds up. Great energy, great work on improving upon the source. Classic MkVaff
  6. Still a regular on my playlist. Another early remix that sticks heavily to the source, and some of the instruments may sound dated, AND it's too short, but there's more than enough going on to still take me back to that factory of evil. Maybe I should use this as my alarm...👺
  7. Still enjoying this remix! At first the change midpoint threw me off, but after a repeat listen I got over that quick. This tune actually makes me think of the Serpent Trench in FF6, itself also a great source. Regardless, good stuff, great energy 😎
  8. Great remix that still rocks (blasts?). Tracks that focus on electric guitars aren't usually a draw for me, but this tune won me over long ago. As mentioned, too short! Regardless, good stuff 🤘
  9. The chill is still going strong on my playlist. Classic game, classic remix 😎
  10. Been listening to this track for a long time. May stick close to the original, but the source is great and I've always enjoyed the additional depth this remix adds. 👍👾👍
  11. STILL grooving 😁 Great chill track that is still on the regular playlist. Another great tune by MkVaff. Tight production, lovely flow, a short ending (as has been said) but a real gem.
  12. Another great MkVaff track that holds up over 20 years later. Great work adding to the source, and the technical skills still shine through. Makes me want to take another trip into that damn volcano!
  13. Over two decades later and this track still holds up beautifully! It does stick close to the source (which is great on its own!), but this remix deserves to continue flying up in those icy peaks.
  14. Almost 24 years later and still a great track. Nice and moody, the sounds especially makes me think of Samus just hanging out in those deep bubbling caverns.
  15. Still a regular on my list after almost 20 years! Some of my favorite remixes are those that take the source in unexpected directions. With Pacman it's been "Glass Cage" and Sinergia, so far. Great dark take that holds up!
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