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  1. http://www.myspace.com/chipslol Is the new one, sorry.
  2. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, I'll do my best to improve it and I'll post back when I have a better version, maybe/probably later today. I'm aware of the bad mixing job too, most of the work needs to go that way really. As for why it stops after 5 seconds, that's because myspace is horrible, my apologies. Any more suggestions are appreciated! Edit: I ran through it again and adjusted a few things and made a second mixing of it... www.myspace.com/thealexharmon is where it's at again. Let me know if/how I can build off that if you would.
  3. Alright , I've adjusted my approach at making an OCR and created this; my Duke Nukem Mix. www.myspace.com/thealexharmon It obviously needs some remastering on the audio levels and quality, and the ending is a bit dry/plain but it's the bulk of my work. Opinions and criticism would be really nice. This is not even close to a midi rip, either. I didn't touch anything.
  4. My intentions of the Vincent mix were to add a band to Vincent's theme. Which is what I did exactly, how is that not by me 100%? That is in no way a direct midi rip, and of course it sounds like the original, because it's the song. It would be pointless for me to have stolen a midi file of one guitar playing because it's incredibly easy to tab out. If writing my own completely original tracks to a song isn't my interpretation, I'm affraid I'm not quite certain what is.. I know I didn't change the arrangement that much but I did make some tweaks and add sections. I don't wish to get in a fight with you but I don't like being told to piss off and make my own music when I clearly did. As for the FF4 theme, my goal was to make the song more techno or tranceish. I suppose I could have done more with it, but that's why I came here posting in the first place.
  5. FF4: I edited the tracks and added tracks (one being a harmony off the lead, sorry if that's too far beyond your ears ), completely changed the bass and drums and re-did some of the effects. Vincents Theme: I'm not sure how you get I ripped the midi and threw random instruments on there with some of my own stuff despite the fact this is a completely new song based on the original one guitar, I wrote new instrument parts there completely myself and put them in. I added some sections also. The only thing I took is the original one guitar because the point of the mix was to add a band to the song and give it atmosphere. Since the song is just one guitar, it's impossible to rip anything off from it. And no new instruments come in at 1:03.... And I know what he meant by he's echoing the remastering comment - hence my question Edit: Just to clarify, for Vincent's Theme I wrote: Drums 2 Guitars Cello Synth Ambience at the end Piano Part All written on my own from scratch.
  6. Well when you said echo on the remastering, what did you mean?
  7. What specifically do you mean by master it more? I'm guess balance the audio out more, but what specifically do you mean in the 2 tracks when you say master it more? What seems off balance, too loud, too quiet, etc. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind and try some more tweaking. Any others?
  9. Hey, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on some mixes I've been working on. www.myspace.com/thealexharmon It's just a MySpace I use for hosting songs and such, but if anyone would like to give a listen to "Vincent's Theme" and "Final Fantasy 4 Battle Mix" and give me your opinions that would be cool. I'm curious to see what others thinks and which/if I should submit them. Thanks.
  10. Let me start off by saying I'm an expierenced guitar player and I'm slightly offended that this mix made it on the site. Positives - The drums are a nice mix up and the set sounds really good for the most part. The fills are neat sonding and aptly placed. The arrangement is well done, a few transition mistakes and sloppy shifting but nothing to throw a fit about. The overall mix of the audio is also very good. Negatives - Guitar parts are played out of key, guitar sounds slightly out of tune, chords are sloppy, very choppy at times. Some parts of the songs are not played by the guitar at all, and there is only 1 guitar lead throughout making them sound very plain and dull. The tones are awful and at times you can't even tell what is being played or what is happening. Don't get me wrong, it has potential but wow, the playing needs some SERIOUS work. Good things could be done with this piece, but put simply, they were not. Overall - 4/10
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