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  1. very nice work! I think it would have a good chance getting past the judges. it sounds great, and it's different enough from the original to qualify. keep up the good work! as for another song that might work in a similar style... how 'bout ruined Celes? I think that could work... or maybe Twilight of Rose?... yup. I could see those working in a chill type mix. (they can both be found at http://bluelaguna.net/music/lodost/mp3s.php if you didn't already know)
  2. awesome sause! World map 2 is a very nice sounding track if you ask me, my favorite out of all of them (all the world map's I mean), I can't wait to hear it, and I wish you luck
  3. man, I forgot all about this thread... it's still going I see. awesome! because LoD needs at LEAST one remix on here. now, unfortunately, I lack the means make a remix (which is probably for the best anyways) however, I fully support anyone who is able to make one. I'll try to be of some use... maybe... I could give some suggestions as to what I think would sound good in a particular remix? (yes?... no?...)
  4. personaly, Legend of Dragoon is my second favorite turn based RPG (next to Chrono Trigger). which is saying something, because I don't useualy like turn based RPG's. I would love nothing more then to hear some remixes of some of the music from this game.
  5. the music is preety high quality... but that still dosn't mean it couldn't be remixed. it could be redone in a different genre. or kept in the same genre, but just redone in a few ways to make it different, yet still enjoyable. I personaly, didn't care much for this particular track. I personaly liked the Knuckles/Rouge stages music the most out of all of them. but Metal Harbour is still a good tune, and I think it should be considered for a remix.
  6. hey. I'm new, so forgive me if I forget to include something that is usualy needed in the request boards. now, I don't know about you. But the ending music for Revenge of Meta Knight (Kirby Super Star)is one of, if not my most favorite ending music in a video game. I was a little bit shocked to find that nobody had remixed it yet. it's a great tune, that I think would be even more enjoyable if remixed well. I'm sure there are other people who think this song deserves to be remixed. right? so what do you think? is anybody up for this?