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  1. hello first review yayay okay I won't be reading all those reviews before this one, although I did catch that many don't like the song, and I can see why. Personally, I love it. At the first listen, I was confused and apalled, then I told myself to sit up straight and close my eyes and actually listen, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It seems like one of the usual RPG remix ballads with pretty sounds and pan flutes and choirs. But it isn't in my eyes. It seems desperate, not cozily sad or so. The song it remixes is called Innocent Sea. When I hear this, I imagine cold, hungry people sitting in a small boat drifting aimlessly across a dark lake. The instruments are shivering. It's as if they're played by people whose hands are too frozen to time the music perfectly. This music made by the forsaken people on the boat mixes with the music of the sea itself... and basically it's all very depressing and goosebumps-inducing. Short version: <3
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