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  1. any their any remixing contests on this site? just wonding!!!
  2. check it out and tell me what ya think. and i know the vocals are lil too much but i am fixing it!!! http://dodownload.filefront.com/6242494//905d1c391e3d051e18d68e0f46e352b2a9338903ba554f7cd67e938a7ce79ebc4354235b052649c8
  3. that ways it's u.s. hardhouse. it a techno forum sound of house combine into hardcore/gabbe. this is what i do and this is how people like it in the rave party. you got to get into the groove. plus u.s. hardhouse made house heads and hardcore lover like each other at the clubs of l.a. strip back then when dj irene was around doing u.s. hardhouse. if you don't understand what i talking about. go to your local mall and find a music store and find these dj's dj irene-globe house 1 & 2,audio underground darren r.-history of hardhouse dj exodus-hardhouse generation 1 and 2. dj venom- raise
  4. i use fl6 and i going to upgrade my computer lil more so it can handle my turntable's when i plug them in for some lil scratching.
  5. CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME WHAT YA THINK! http://dodownload.filefront.com/6431701//905d1c391e3d051e18d68e0f46e352b2a9338903ba554f7cd67e938a7ce79ebc4354235b052649c8 (THIS SONG IS STILL UNDER WORKS)
  6. DjExotic

    rave music

    who into rave music. you know like techno,trance,drum'n'bass,house,u.s./uk hardhouse,happy hardcore,hardcore/gabbe,hardstyle,jumpstyle,jungle, and down tempo? I like u.s. hardhouse and hardcore/gabbe the most. I am saving money to go to netherland, holland of two hardcore rave events call "MASTER OF HARDCORE" and "MEGARAVE V.S. HELLRAISER"!
  7. Hello, my name is daniel but in the underground rave scene, i know as DJ EXOTIC. The music i do is u.s. hardhouse,hardcore/gabbe, and learning more about happy hardcore. If you are into rave, you can check me out at my site and myspace. currently, i am working on to songs i am remixing. one is a u.s. hardhouse beat of super mario overworld theme songs that i am doing. the other is a metal gear song. keep a look out of the two songs. let me know what ya thing of my two pages that i got link to my profile. and i am going to leave ya something to remember me by. clearn vr-i adore(DJ EXOTIC MIX
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