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  1. Okay I will Edit: New Download link
  2. Download link: It has been a long time since I sended any remixes to OCRemix.. FLStudio 8 used I know that there must be something in this to be made better but I need opinions first
  3. Trance de Chocobo.mp3 I have been working on trance mix of Ukulele de Chocobo from FF9 is it..?
  4. I have been trying to remix victory fanfare from FF9 so..this is the result
  5. Download link 4th or 5th remix of the same song.. is it any better then my previous remix?
  6. Download link I worked really hard for this remix more relaxing and "ocean" like..hehe this needs work I know..but what is your opinion..?
  7. Download Link: I worked really hard for this remix I know this remix needs more work...but what do you think?
  8. FLStudio used I worked really hard for making this remix
  9. I have been tried to remix You're not alone this is try one if judges would listen this... Enjoy!
  10. NeoS.. I am waiting that remix... make it great and awesome remix Your Friend:Lindar
  11. NeoS =o Oh My God! your version is so nice! =O Why is this so short? can you make it longer? I have added you to my MSN.. come there and we can talk more =) Your Friend: Lindar "This is so beautiful remix NeoS...thank you please make it longer..*
  12. FF IX was my first Final Fantasy I have ever played and I loved it You're not alone must be remixed in here! to techno,trance or club mix (I love these genres a lot) can you do it? Your Friend: Lindar
  13. I have heard all "You're not alone) mixes in here.. And I want to hear something more cool and long remixes of that song Can you please make a trance,techno or club mix of it? Your Friend:Lindar
  14. I love this song!! My Absolute Favorite Track in FF9 You have so beautiful voice! Your friend: Lindar