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  1. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 'Dream of Being a Zora'

    Definitely one of the less-mixed Zelda songs there, but it has a really nice melody, and I like the upbeat approach you took here. The bassline does some really nice work to fill out the soundscape as well, and I enjoyed how you worked the balance between the two. I felt like the structure of the mix gets very samey as it progresses. There's a lot of the same sounds and the source is followed pretty closely from start to finish. Some more variation into any and all of those aspects would help make the track a lot more interesting. I'm also not particular fan of the buzzy lead, especially because it is used for a majora-ty (tee hee) of the mix. Overall the various instruments are easy to hear, though I do think the buzzy lead adds a lot of mud to the track. The transition at ~1:05 is pretty sudden as well, some sort of lead-in would make it less jarring when the other instruments come in. I think you have a fantastic start here, but overall the track needs more variation to separate it more from the source and bump up the interest level. Hit up our WIP forums to get some more advice and I'd like to hear this again. NO (resubmit)
  2. Greetings!!!!!! Here is a link to my submission: Contact Information · lazerwoplh · Phillip Merriman · www.lazerwolph.com · 14338 Submission Information · The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask · Dream Of Being A Zora · Zora Hall https://youtu.be/Ji3v_5hExcY So this is my first actual “remix”. I guess you could maaaaaybe consider my rendition of “At Zanarkand” for classical guitar a remix, but thats more of a cover, no? Ive been thinking about doing an actual remix for a while, ever since I submitted At Zanarkand a couple years ago, but never took the plunge. Then about a week ago, I randomly found the midi file for Zora Hall online, with just the chords and melody. I figured, “No transcription work to stop me from doing a remix now!” So I thought I’d plop it in to Cubase and see what happened. Whammo! I actually liked how it turned out! Now, the REAL challenge: showing other people *GASP* Thanks for listening! -Phillip Merriman
  3. DragonAvenger

    OCR03741 - *YES* Final Fantasy 5 "Galuf's World"

    Nothing to add here, the gents have all mentioned the good stuff. There were a few sections that I wasn’t feeling the harmonic choices, specifically the ~2:00 section and right near the end, but I didn’t find them to be a deal breaker. Nice work, as per usual. YES
  4. Nothing to add that hasn't been said. The balance could have used some tweaking but it's not a deal breaker as is. I'd have liked some changeup on the rhythm guitars, they do start to get pretty repetitive before they drop out for a bit, then back to the same rhythm again. Mostly nitpicking here but something to consider for next time. YES
  5. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Streets of Rage 2 'End of Haze'

    The source reminds me of the Mega Man X credits just based on the feel alone. Pretty fun source to work with, and I think the style your are going for works well. Once the guitar comes in there is a ton of mud here. Aside from the balance issue that MW mentioned I felt like there was a lot of buzz in my ears from the guitars. It's pretty distracting and also is constant through to the end, which fatigues the ears. Overall that needs to be toned down, and it wouldn't hurt to drop it out here and there. MW mentions the lack of source and I do have to agree with him. I'm not sure if it is a different source or some original, but it takes a long while to get back to the source you listened. If it's another source let us know! This needs some work but you have a good start here. NO (resubmit)
  6. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Sonic Advance 3 'Twinkle Shiverfrost'

    There's not much else to mention that hasn't already been said. The track is definitely repetitive, especially in regards to the percussion. Overall is suggest shortening the arrangement and adding some more original sections to break up the repetition of the source. Along with that there are a lot of clashing parts, both harmonically and in the part writing. Sir Nuts mentioned listing to some tracks critically to see what works for them and I think that is a fantastic idea. See what parts others use to support the melodies and how all the parts work together. There's a lot of work here to be done, but keep at it and keep improving! NO
  7. MW has some good points about the production, there's definitely a lot going on at times, though I don't think it is a deal breaker on its own. The buzz in the bass is definitely a factor, and it might be worth switching to something that takes a bit less space for some of the busy sections. The synth lead that comes in at 0:50 and 1:59 doesn't seem to fit the key very well, I'd suggest with looking at the notes there to make sure everything fits correctly or consider another synth if that is the issue. 3:16 sounds much better. I do think the arrangement suits very conservative, which might be alright I'd there weren't other issues, but all together this isn't adding up currently. If you're up to it I'd suggest using our WIP forums to get some more feedback. Good luck. NO (resubmit)
  8. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Polygonet Commandos 'The Future Is Now'

    Gario hits this on the head, the track has a great premise, and there are some parts that are executed well, but the overall soundscape sounds very basic overall and there's little in there to break up the soundscape. I'd have liked a more dynamic section that uses some different synths or instruments. Hope you keep working on this one. NO (resubmit)
  9. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Princess Maker 2 'Uppercut'

    First note here is that the time stamp on the source in the YouTube doesn't appear to be correct, it I'm missing it completely. Right not I'm just going to be mentioning production issues I'm hearing and structure. EDIT: source is at 55:05. Quick listen through of that and I'm good to go arrangement wise. It's a little close on the structure, but I think the style change does a lot for it. Love the slow harpsichord set up, and jumping into the faster melody works right away to get the listener interested. Similar, the trade of between the leads is clean. The biggest thing I notice just about right away is that the low end is completely lacking in presence here. There's a bass playing, but it's so high in the register that it sounds more like a mid instrument. I'd love there to be a doubling down an octave to beef up that low end here. I'd say that is the biggest issue currently. The other bigger issue I have is with the middle section of the track. The beginning starts out very energetic and fits the gents great. One 1:15 hits the melody drops out and the track stagnates. It feels really awkward, made more so by the lack of low end. The same stagnation happens at 2:04 thorough the end. The track then tapers off and the fade ends abruptly. I think the track needs to get something going on more strongly in those sections. The drums sound awkward in a few sections, the 1:47 fill is strangely mixed and feels very random. All in all I think this needs another look. It has some good promise, but the lack of low end and some of the emptier sections make me want to hear some edits. Good luck NO (resubmit)
  10. What a pretty soundscape you've set up here. I really don't have much to add here that hasn't already been said. The track is certainly minimalist and repetitive, but the source is that and more so. I enjoyed just kinda spacing out to this chill track. Definitely not going to be for everyone but I think it ticks the correct boxes here and I don't think the repetitiveness is enough of an issue to bring it below the bar. YES
  11. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Chrono Cross 'Time Scar'

    Interesting concept here. I like the idea of bringing this into a rock feel, though I don't know if it currently achieves it's goal. MW has some solid crits that I think you should really take into account. I felt that the production and the arrangement both ended up being equal in regards to things that need to be worked on for our standards. The production starts out with the keyboard dissonance (which is fine) which overpowers the guitar/bass that comes in 3 seconds later. Later in the rock section I feel like the mids are pretty strong, and the high end is lacking. Being a little nitpicky here, I felt like the bass and flute are played a bit mechanically, especially when you compare the bass solo to the guitar solo. That being said, I suffer the same issue when I play instruments, where I focus very strongly on playing the rhythms correctly and less on adding soul into it, so I feel ya there. See if you can work on that, especially for the more exposed sections. The arrangement really sticks close to the source both in structure and arrangement as a whole. I think some kind of variation there would make a strong difference, especially if you expanded out the arrangement to be a little longer. Some changes in the melodies and harmonies would also help out here and there. There's work to be done in this, but you've got a good start. Definitely hit up the WIP boards to get some more feedback and keep at it! NO (resubmit)
  12. DragonAvenger

    *NO* F-Zero X 'Catcher of the *Orchestral* Dream'

    I'm pretty much in direct agreement with Gario here. The biggest issue to me is the mechanical nature of the attacks and lack of humanization as a whole, but I also do think the low end could use some TLC to fill out the soundscape a bit more. It's definitely tougher to work with less than ideal samples, but you can get them to sound pretty solid with work. You're on the right track here. NO (resubmit)
  13. Fun stuff, as always. The energy is great, and while the mix is fairly conservative in regards to arrangement, the soundscape is fresh. Samples are smartly used, and I appreciate that you work really hard to finesse them as best you can. It's an art to pull out the humanization you do out of them! Nitpicking that the kick hitting (almost) every beat does get a little old by the end, but not a dealbreaker in the long run. A break a little more often would have been great. I'm ready to party with a mixed drink and watch the parade with this song YES
  14. Really not much to add on here that hasn't been said. I also want super feeling the distorted guitar sound, but I can see what you were going for and understand the stylistic choice. Really like the chill feeling overall and the cameos are cute. Overall I'm sold on this. YES
  15. DragonAvenger

    *NO* Kirby's Adventure "Ride the Rainbow Warp Star"

    First thing I'm noting on headphones is that the violin lead is panned pretty heavily left. Generally you want to keep the leads in the center do they are able to come through stronger. Similarly as Mind Wanderer mentioned there are some pretty big issues with the balance. Overall the track sounds a lot quieter than it should be and there is some muffled feel overall that I'd love to hear fixed. I'm going to suggest hitting up our WIP boards and getting another pass on balancing the track. Really loving the arrangement ideas here. There's a ton of determination here conveyed through your instrument choices. I'd really like to hear this on the front page do I really hope you clean this up. NO (resubmit)