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  1. Don't be discouraged by silence - there are a lot of posts on these boards, and more people come to this specific board to post their own music. They may browse and click on a couple links, but they might not remember to respond even if they do listen to a track. They might even just comment on SoundCloud!

    On topic, I liked the piece. It's very relaxing, and reminds me of something I'd hear in a town in some sort of RPG ("Tales Of" series comes to mind). The lower piano part actually sounds a bit like Lake Hylia to me, but as a variation on different chords. Keep it up!

  2. Phew, glad we avoided the whole Melee vs. Brawl thing. This game is its own thing for sure. Also, while I love Megaman and Villager, they're so weird for me to use - they fight so differently from any of the other fighters!

    Though I've gotta say, I absolutely love playing Smash Potato with friends. It's way more fun than it should be.

  3. Spent a week with the demo and love it. Feels as smooth as Brawl, but between Brawl and Melee as far as speed goes (nice).

    Oh, and the demo's out for everyone else now - hopefully I'll get some new friends to play Smash Potato with. What do you guys think about it so far? :)

  4. Things I fixed:

    -Lowered the gain on the higher frequencies on *both* snares, just in case

    -Turned the overall volume down a little bit

    -Made the bass doubling a bit louder

    -Cleaned up EQ in the kicks/sub some more

    -Added some variation in the sub, at least in the conservative sections

    -Mixed up the build before the second drop

    -Added the source link to my original post

    -Changed the ending

    -Other minor changes

    I kept some of the piercing quality of the main rhythmic synth on the heavy dance part, and kept it still relatively loud. I hope you don't mind... but that's where I am in my EDM production and I'm not ready to go against it quite yet :)

    Edit: after more listens, I'm not sure I'm happy with my bass variation. I'll keep brainstorming and see if I can't come up with something better

  5. I played this last night and had a little trouble sleeping. The sound design is pretty great, and it's especially believable with headphones on (though the animatronic screeches are way too loud imo). I looked up a let's play after you made this thread, but no video can really convey how tense this game is.

    Or maybe that's just because I played it late at night, in the dark with headphones on. But I feel like that's required for any experience in the "horror" genre :)

  6. I think that there's a lot of high energy content going on, and even though you do have some dropoffs, they still retain the high energy writing, only filtered in certain ways. As for the heavier sections, they seem to have the source usage in the bass notes, but it's not pronounced enough to hear, IMO. I think it can still work if you try to steer further away from the source than you are now; maybe accent those bass notes on a higher octave and write some melodic variation on it.

    Also, I hear the vocal samples are directly from the original track. That's fine, but it contributes to a conservative approach.

    OK - I think I'll stick with my current structure, then, and put my focus on the ending. I do rely too much on the sub sometimes, and I try to always have those parts doubled on a higher frequency, but I suppose I should bring that out a bit more (which will sound better on smaller speakers, too). And yes, I realize this is one of the more conservative mixes I've done... I just jam out to the original so much that it's easy to get stuck in "remake" mode, haha! But sure, I'll try to put some more variations in there and spice things up a bit.

    Hahaha Kruai always gets in trouble for being too loud 8-)

    Sweet track! Not a huge EDM or Dubstep fan but you always do a really freaking sweet job.

    And uh, what timaeus said. lol

    Thanks! I always appreciate your positive feedback, G! :-D

    And yeah, I get most of my volume ideas from listening to lots of EDM, so I tend to mix a bit loud. I'll try to back it off a little though, if it's overbearingly so.

  7. It sounds a little abrasive in the uppermost treble overall. The snare, and the sound at 0:48 seem to be the most piercing elements. Also, this is pretty loud, and can be toned down in volume.

    Thanks for the reply - I'll try to make it a little less noisy in the higher end.

    What do you think of the structure, though? That's my main concern - that there isn't enough of the heavier dance sections going on (0:40-1:10, 3:20-3:50). There is quite a bit of music in between the two. Or is the balance between the two styles good overall?

  8. Hi all,

    I'm working on a remix for a while now and I'm trying to figure out the balance between the heavier dance segments and the more melodic, conservative sections of the song. As far as the structure goes, it seems like the more things I add, the more the dance sections get lost in the rest of the piece. I'm considering adding a second part of each heavier section. Thoughts?


    Oh, and of course I don't know how I want it to end yet. But I've done some heavy EQing before I finish the structure of the piece because why not

    (Source link: http://youtu.be/qeW0NnkoAU8)

  9. http://saxyjoe.bandcamp.com/track/sky-city

    Had a fun time making some Ultrabeats with this'n. Would love some compositional critique!

    Description: For a cancelled game in which the heroine flung herself through a Cloud City (starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cloud_City) -esque landscape using a high-tech grapple hook. The game Super Hook Champ on iOS kinda beat us to the punch! C'est la vie.

    I'm not sure what critique to give, but I'm really enjoying listening to this piece. I love this style of music, though I'm still not really sure what to call it. Great work :)

  10. I'm creating my first vocal mix, and I want to achieve a good level for the (vocoded) vocals. I want to make sure the vocals are comprehensible, but I don't want them to overpower my mix. So I'd like your opinion: are the vocals too loud? Can you understand them?


    The lyrics are included in the description of the song. Thanks for listening! :)

  11. In any court proceedings regarding this case specifically, it would probably be relevant that Zedd gave away the stems for "Clarity" for free, for the expressed purpose of creating remixes.


    Yeah, I actually got the stems from his Soundcloud back when there was the whole remix competition thing.

    Also, calm down, you guys! I'm not going to assume anyone is the ultimate authority on anything--I almost always assume on a forum that people mean "I think" or "maybe" unless they back up what they say with a reliable source. Rest assured, though, I'm taking each of your ideas and opinions into account

  12. my guess is if you used any of the original audio/stems it probably triggered youtube's fingerprinting system (which would explain how it raised a flag "almost immediately"). i doubt you are at any risk of being sued at all - i'd be more worried about consequences for your youtube account's uploading/monetizing privileges, etc. (though i doubt that would be a problem either).

    the real lesson here is to not upload remixes (or anything that could be construed as copyright infringing) to youtube. their content identification can be a bit of a loose cannon: i uploaded a recording of myself playing a chopin nocturne on my own piano once and it got flagged. :roll:

    Yeah... I got another copyright notice because you could kinda hear a choir in the background in a sort of vlog I was doing at Notre Dame. Kind of a pain :/

  13. If you don't have a license, you can't do a remix. Even if you did have a license for the remix, you have to get a separate license for video.

    "Adding to it" and "not profiting off it" has nothing to do with the fact that you're arranging and releasing someone else's property without consent. That's the problem here. Don't fight it. You won't win. Get a license? Better chance.

    I recommend Joypad Records for licensing.

    OK--I didn't realize that's how it worked. Thanks for the clarification. Isn't Joypad just for game music? Either way, though, I'll look into getting a license.

    Thanks again.

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