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  1. I was just looking at the projects page and whatnot, and I was just thinking there isn't anything that I feel covers the huge range of the music in the Phoenix Wright games. The soundtrack to it is one of the most fun I've heard in a long time, with plenty of good choices of songs for certain moods in the game. I don't propose anyone starts a project or anything like that for this, I don't feel there would be many people up to the task, but I would be quite curious to see how a medley mix or a small series of mixes would go, especially because the music of the games seemed to flow into one-another so easily, I'm wondering if the same could be said of a series of mixes, or one big mix.
  2. I always felt Reznor's normal instrumental work rocked, this is trying to achieve something different in my opinion.
  3. I was thinking you could sort of fit it in with the whole desert theme of the original material by having a sort of wind noise with the melody sort of 'distant' and moving into focus. Like a fade in but with added atmosphere.
  4. You definately have something different here as far as a take of the Corel theme goes, and I like it. You DO need to rethink the start though, them weird noises before you start properly is out of character with the rest of your song.
  5. There are a few visible 'Red Alert 2' inspired moments - one being the different groupings for constructing stuff in the sidebar. Managing more than one build queue is however, quite awkward at the moment, though I suspect that is probably due to me not knowing how to manage hotkeys on the demo... Gameplay is generally as fast as they claim, with most units not lasting long enough to make a serious impression. Mammoth Tank could really do with being toned down as it's exceptionally deadly, and it does build a tad too fast for something that dangerous... Try it, you'll agree Building placement needs revising IMO, it's a bit hard to tell where you can and can't put your buildings due to it's new 3Dism. The 3D isn't a bad thing, it just needs to be a bit simpler or clearer so you don't spend 5 minutes working out where you can drop a building while the enemy bombs your base. To be honest, the technological jump-back isn't too noticable in the storyline. I can say that I do not see this game becoming a PC classic, it feels too average at the moment. Think 'Emperor: Battle For Dune' but with CnC. However, it does have gameplay features which will at least guarantee it a good playing from me. All in all, it's a 'wait and see' case still, but the storyline is at least shaping up to be something special
  6. This song took me back. I remember playing LOTR on the SNES multiplayer, trying to keep Gandalf alive while I killed the balrog to see what would happen. Didn't work of course, but still... I love the track. The downside is that it is indeed too similar to the original.
  7. Yeah, they really shouldn't have called him Eggman. Granted that would be what his proper name is, but Robotnik is much better. At least in Sonic Adventure 1 he introduced himself as Doctor Robotnik... I actually prefered SA1, though I liked SA2 as well, SA1 had the mini-games and stuff to mess with. By the sounds of it, StH is a complete mess-up. That's a disappointment as I was hoping that as the SA games progressed they would begin to improve the weaker elements. I DO want them to give Knuckles back his stages. His collection stages sucked. Those were the weakest part, plus with the dodgy rap thing going on... I mean, WTF? He's not meant to be some guy from the Bronx or some rap legend, he's meant to be an Echidna. They should just remake Sonic 1,2,3 and Knuckles. Properly.