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  1. Sign me up! Uematsu got me started, OCremix kept me going, now I'm into all sorts of music that many people don't realize exists or that they pass over! This reminds me, I need to check for the next torrent of OC remixes!
  2. I plan on getting to a point where I take commissions from individuals for smaller animations, but it probably will be years before I'm good enough to release anything of my own work for a profit (I.E. BD-rom), but when I do take commissions I intend on requiring commissioners to provide their own music and their own licenses to it if they want BGM, as well as sound effects. (It's a lot of work finding it where I can use it myself when no money changes hands.) So if I do have any commissioners that want their own music, I'll definitely refer them to you.
  3. Thank you! This is really awesome that you guys keep it under this open of a license.
  4. Okay! So I'm a CGI animator looking for background music for my animations, I'll post my understanding of the content policy as it pertains to this question ( http://www.ocremix.org/info/Content_Policy ) and then someone correct me if I'm wrong. Basically, in derivative works I can use the remixes in any animation I like so long as I provide clear attribution of the remix to www.ocremix.org and the author of the remix. My idea was to put,while my own copyright to the animation (and characters within it) was displaying in one corner, put the credits in the opposite corner. Okay, so here's where I have a gray area and want to ask. I'll be rendering my animations at 640x480 or 800x600 (likely the former) for distribution without charge online. Eventually I may want to release a DVD (or by that time a blu-ray disk) with high definition animations on it. If I did so, I'd be charging - for the compilation of high definition animations - more than just distribution costs. Especially since it is exponential in computing time to render at higher definitions. Of course, credits would still be displayed at the start. The only difference would be the higher definition and higher quality settings. Would it still be within the licensing terms to keep the remixes present in the high definition animations, even though the high-def ones wouldn't be available for free? Also, if I decided to add exclusive animations to the compilation DVD, would I be allowed to use OCremix songs in it? Thanks for the help! It's so hard to find decent music that they don't charge a huge amount to use in not-for-profit animations. =(
  5. My current setup includes finale printmusic 2007 cubasis vst creative edition wavelab lite Amazing midi anvil studio Akoff music composer creative Vienna soundfont studio All the software not listed that comes with an audigy 2 zs platinum Am looking at getting Magix soundpool collection 12 DVD What else do I need to get the realistic instrument sound? I'm looking at both composing and remixing. I have another 80 dollars to invest into this project. What would you all suggest to convert midis into realistic sounding MP3s? Thank you!
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