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  1. Hands down the Boss GT-8. This effects processor blows the Pod out of the water. The reviews here are probably based off the factory settings, and obviously no tweaking was made. It takes a while to get the hang of, but when you do, you'll be in tonal nirvana. Don't be biased by the fact that you can record directly from the pod. I'm pretty sure there will be latency issues, and you could just hook up a 1/4'' cable with 1/4'' to 1/8'' adapter (that you can find for 50cents) and put it in the line in of your sound card with the GT-8. I've played gigs with both processors, and the tone of the pod was nowhere near as good as the gt-8. Trust me, get the GT-8.
  2. I always enjoy a little sweeping, but I think this lacks meat around the bone. Like the other guys said, you could derive a bit more from the actual song, and make it your own, not just a copy. Remember, this is a Remix, not a cover.
  3. I'm requesting -any- song from the games Golden Sun or Golden Sun : The Lost Age. It's an amazing game and I don't have the talent nor the ressources to remix tracks for it. Currently, there's only one track released for that series and I beleive it's a shame.
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