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  1. 'Walk on Water' is my favourite track off the Chaos Project. Right from where the Santana-ified thick, smooth guitar lead comes in with heavy vibrato, through the pentatonic flurry from 1:20 to 1:25, the Latin-based interludes, 'til the end. I love the way the whole piece sounds so full, with the comping guitars (the way they were panned continuously left and right), horns, keyboards and all; Interestingly, the song never acquires a messy trait, and everything pierces through and balances out nicely. Two personal notes: 1) that palm-muted version of the melody from 4:12 to 4:14 was an excellent touch, if I may say so myself; I love it when people switch to the bridge-pickup sound at the right time; and 2) immediately after 0:49 the guitar sounded slightly out of tune, or is it just me? I've burned and passed this song around, and most people can't believe it's based off a video game; more so Sonic. On the other hand, my old-school gamer friends all salute you, housethegrate. Keep up the great work!
  2. Just to note, I've never played any of the amps (in real life) that the virtual model amps in the Boss GT-8 or Pod XT are modelled after. I wouldn't know how they sound. In that case, does it really matter whether the modelled amps sound like their true selves or not? And in a live setting, can people actually distinguish what kind of amps they are, and is that really important? I was just wondering, that with everyone saying the Pod XT sounds more real than the Boss GT-8, whether, on a comparative basis of the other features offered by the two-multieffects, which of the two would make a better purchase. I've read up a bit on the GT-8's recording capabilities though, and spoken with some people. I've heard that its recording quality sucks in comparison to the Pod XT's though. Hmm.
  3. Just wondering, what do you mean by better sounding amp models? Aren't they the same for both the GT-8 and the PODxt? And if the PODxt includes a sound card, does that mean when I plug it into my computer using my USB I can automatically start recording whatever comes out of it? Or does the PODxt still have to go through my amp, and from the amp to the computer?
  4. Hi guys! I'm new here, but I've always lurked around. I'm hoping to be a frequent member of the forums. My main instrument is the guitar, and I'm pretty good at it, so I'm looking forward to start contributing a proper electric guitar/acoustic guitar based remix soon. (And to the other guitarists, hi!) Thing is, I've always been dependent on single pedals for effects. Lately I've been saving up a bit to get a multieffects pedal, and now I'm torn in between getting either one of these two creatures: the Boss GT-8, or the Pod XT Live. I've personally tested out the GT-8, and I'm in love with it. The amp model varieties, dynamic picking sensitivity feature, the multitude of effects, the patches, the ability to reroute the order of the effects, the two-amps engine (forgot what it was called), and other features are awesome. The attendant technician also explained that the GT-8's pre-amp is so good it beats the lower-range and some mid-range amps' (which is great, since I only have a basic practice amp, a Marshall B25 MK II). The GT-8 would be great for live playing sessions. Unfortunately, I'm not that acquainted with the features of the Pod XT Live, but I've heard good stuff about it. So could anyone detail to me the capabilities of the Pod XT, and also compare the two? My needs aren't that extensive; I just want to have a good gear to be with me when I'm playing live, and if possible it would also be a great recording equipment. I think the Pod XT is more geared towards being a recording instrument by itself; with the software given and the USB output and all; the Boss GT-8 however requires further purchase of other recording equipments, and it doesn't seem to have the ease of software. But of course I could be sadly mistaken due to my lack of knowledge, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me a firm grounding in this matter. I've read this post on the forum, it helped, but it hasn't fully answered my question. I'm not that advanced in my knowledge of audio-tech wizardry, so while it's okay to go in-depth I'd appreciate some clarifications of the more technical jargons. I'll post further questions as I get to them. And it would be seriously, seriously, seriously appreciated if someone could be an experienced 'mentor' of sorts before I make my purchase (and subsequent purchases after that too.) Thanks in advance! (P/S: I'm currently in love with Sonic 3 'Walk on Water'. It's groovy, the Latin-based syncopated interlude in the middle is a nice touch, plus that ending with the more treblish and palm-muted crunchy guitar solo is just great!)