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    Hello Kanjika, I am honored to send you this message, I am hopefull that you check this forum often and this message reaches you soon. I have been listening to your compositions at the project chaos website and I was deeply moved by three of your songs, those songs are beyond words to descibe how good they are. If there was a medal for outstanding compositions, you would take platinum. If you were to go back in time and be the composer of the Zelda Twilight Princess tracks you would make that game become the ultimate game of the decade! In fact I encourage you to contact the developer team of the Zelda games for Nintendo Wii and ask if you could do the next Zelda game tracks for them, I'm very sure you would be hired on the spot if you were to give them the following songs: The Secluded Stronghold Breathtaking Vision Stranger to Closure ...As an example on what you can do. But if it's too much trouble for you then why not try this, contact me by e-mail and make arrangements to chat with me on MSN Live messenger and I'll tell you what I've been working on, and you can deside whether or not to join in on my special project. ps: I'll private message you my e-mail so I don't get spammed.