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  1. Yesterday marked the release of Captain N on dvd. A fan of Saturday morning cartoons, this was one of my favorites for obvious reasons. (Simon Belmont and Mega Man fighting Mother Brain and King Hippo!?!) I think the show gets a lot of unfair criticism from purists, but its a lot of fun. I'd love to see the Cap in a game like Smash Bros. Anyone else pick this up yesterday?
  2. You know...I really wanted to like the N-gage, but poor design and horrible games is what really killed it. Not so much the idea of it. Nintendo could pull it off.
  3. I think there is only one thing left that can save Sonic. And thats a Mario crossover. Why not?
  4. Now and then we'll dust of the 2600 for a round of Custers Revenge. Get a room full of people cheering you on as you feverishly tap the red button while everyone is chanting GO! GO! GO! GO! It is a sight to be seen.
  5. A few issues back, EGM magazine the rumor mill section points to a possible 2007 release of the next chapter in the Street Fighter series...Street Fighter IV. This is apparently information is based off of trusted industry insiders. As much as I want to see SF4, I just dont know if Capcom will get it right. From what I understand the franchise is in the hand of Capcom of America, and we all know how Final Fight Street Wise turned out. With a new US live action movie in the early stages of production (that centers around Chun LI!??!) should we keep our heads held high, or hope for the worst?
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