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  1. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I think this is one of the best remixes on the site. Usually when I download an OCR, I listen to it 4-5 times before I make a decision to put it on my playlist. A few are on after the first listen. This one was on after the first minute or two. Absolutely stellar, I love how the song doesn't go the easy route and sound exactly like the original song, but instead becomes it's own song altogether. Nostalgic, quiet and beautiful lyrics and a beat and tempo that go perfectly with the original song. I don't know much about remixing in general, or the technica
  2. Hey all I'm trying, for the life of me, to find this one website I came upon. They had a really huge video game music bracket/tournament going. Eight brackets (named A-H) each with some really random songs. I think they do it quite often and was wondering if anybody knew the site I was talking about. ( I believe the winner was Ace Combat 5's "Zero", an absolutely incredible track that combines a Spanish feel with an epic, military sound. ANYWAY, if anybody knows it, I would greatly appreciate a link
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