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  1. Indeed, there's the title theme and the second level and the space level themes wich i think would become great remixes in rock style.
  2. I saw the interview of Tim Wright, straight to the point, can anyone do something about the problem of OCR having NO REMIXES of wipeout's OST?!
  3. I heard about 3D Realms trying to launch the new Duke Nukem (again), than i remembered that there is no remixes of any of Duke Nukem's OST, it is a tragedy because it's a great soundtrack for Heavy Metal remixes and it would be marvelous if any of the great Metal Lords of OCR take part on it, of course it don't need to be only Metal or Rock, if somebody has any other musical idea for Duke Nukem please do speak about it.Thank you.
  4. Ok, thaks for answering that.
  5. I'm wondering if it's possible to acquire Wipeout OST (specially the one from Nintendo 64).Does anyone knows ?
  6. Hello, as many here might be aware already, 3D realms intends to continue the almost mythic game Duke Nukem Forever, i'm from Brazil and would like to know from you guys if that's true and what do you think about it and , further more, why don't anyone make some damm good Heavy Metal remixes about it ?!
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