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  1. Hmm, Ill see if I can give this a shot. Ive been tossing around a few ideas over the past few days and might just end up drawing something.
  2. Wow, its quite simple then. Never did think of that. Well thanks for your help.
  3. So I have just recently gotten FL Studio 7 and installed it on my computer. My problem is that whenever i go to import a Midi file (Ive tried some from www.vgmusic.com) it loads up and it decodes it (right terms). Aka, it maps out all the different parts to the song, but there is no audio. The rest of the program works, like when I made my own sample, it plays fine, but whenever I try to open a midi file, it dosent seem to work. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a way to fix it?
  4. Hello everyone, I am a long time viewer of this site (lets see, about 6 years now, on and off) and I have never had the time, or inspiration to start with my own remixes. Well I now have time, and I have found the inspiration, so here is hoping that ill be more of an active member in the community in the near future.
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