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  1. Hey there everyone, just thought I'd make an introduction post. I'm a long time lurker (probably about 4-5 years now), and never really got involved in posting on the forums out of fear. I sure read a lot of it, though . My name's Jack, and I am currently a 3rd year in college. ...well I'm drawing a blank on what more to say, so I hope to post more in the future and get to know everyone more!
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    1. To format a number to 4 decimal places, you'll need to include the iomanip library. Let's do an example: double f = 10.198472; cout << fixed << setprecision(4) << f; What happens here is that when you display the variable f to output, it'll modify the output to include 4 decimal places. So you'll get: 10.1985. Remember that this does NOT modify the variable itself! Only what is outputted onto the screen. 2. For this one, to what power do you need to raise the number to? We'll call this value "y". In order to raise the number to a power, you'll have to us
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