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  1. Your welcome, and I'm sure this could be built on to create a more fuller sound. If you have a Combinator HQ account make sure to spread the love. x_x The Orkester...hmm....I think one good way to go about that is use...maybe...the Cadenza soundfont or some other one of the "higher quality" soundfonts with a string section sound, get violins; Reason Violins: Pan Right Cadenza String Section: Pan Left Solo Violin Soundfont: 50% Right Solo Violin Reason: 50% Left Record your line, then hit record and with the mixer drag the volume levels up and down to adjust te envelopes. I think that's one way...although it'll probably still be lacking compared to that Gold Orchestra.... It disappoints me that Reason 3 is just such a convinient tool, and super memory effecient; (runs even on my celeron 1.3 Ghz just fine with 4 ms latency via ASIO4ALL) and it lacks in certain places. Though, for orchestral, you could try Garritans lite for Reason 3 for $100. It's pretty new, over at www.garritan.com.
  2. Demo - Final Fantasy 8 Battle Demo - Gilgamesh Demo - Blue Moon 2 - Theme : First, you should listen to one of the demos above. : Using only the factory soundset, I've created a "Rock Band Simulation". There is no way with one patch to create the muting effects of a real guitar, but you can still capture the essence of the phatness. : What I would like to ask of people here is to spread this template farther. The "recover password" part of cominator hq isn't working for me, so I don't have a way of getting this damned thing around to more people. ;-( : :: Download Template Here :: : _____________________________________________ : :: Patches included are :: : Reason_Guitar - Three guitars combined, HEAVYGTR with Reason_Bass - the .zyp synth bass guitar. Reason_Drums - Two drum kits combined in stereo to create a very phat sound Reason_Lead - A lead guitar containing 3 different synths combined. Portamento for slides (bends) : Using only these 4 tracks you should be able to create and accomplish a very full sound, and using the effects (phaser, distortion, even foldback distortion) you should be able to create a number of combinations. Test it out by re-creating parts from songs! _____________________________________________
  3. Hey there. I'm having trouble mp3ing my stuff. I've got Reason 3.0, and I'm great at arranging for MIDI but never been the best at MP3ing works. I've got all the samples, effects, etc... I need, but it's about using those tools. What I'm kind of requesting is someone that I can chat with personally about the subject. I am VERY confident in my Music (melody and harmony) skills, just not my Sound skills. I'd like to talk to someone that's really great with Sound/Arranging/Orchestration but not as fond of creating melody and harmony. My AIM is gotmilkxtreme2, my msn gotmilkxtreme2@aol.com .
  4. I second this, heavy reverb is something that I find too much, everywhere. But I really don't mind it in this song, the plus's suriously outweigh the minus's (if there are any).
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