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    Not really much to know, ^_^. I come from small town Texas, currently in college, and am studying for my tech certifications at the moment. Just trying to get some music out there that I and some friends are producing on open source applications and operating systems.
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    IT Tech
  1. 'Morning all. I've been listening to OCRemix for about 4 years now. I was stoked when we finally got the radio feeds. Online gaming gets much, much more satisfying when the right songs are playing. I'm an IT Tech from Texas, Microsoft Certified Professional, and college student. Which is good, because it's easier to pay the bills when you've got a great job. Hope I get to know a lot of you well, and further hope I can get some music out there. Currently, I'm working on mixes using Linux distributions and open source applications. Not that I wanted to make anything hard on myself, just wanted t
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