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  1. A year wiser! A good a reason as any to celebrate! Happy brithday, and may you have many more.
  2. Well, it seems pretty ok. The only thing that seems iffy to me is the singing. (or rapping, or whatever its called nowadays) But hey, I've always been one dislike vocals in my ocremixes (unless it's pixietricks )
  3. Ok, thanks much. I really love Heads up for Tails and what you did @ 1:25 and 1:38, by the way
  4. Is there a Flac release for this? Because I like to get the Flac version and transcode it to 96kbps Wma Pro (that's v10 not v9, which is crap). I've transcoded the Mp3's to Wma Pro 96kbps already. The quality is good, but nothing like the files I've transcoded from Project phobos (Flac source)
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