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    Im Fifteen, loves making music on cheap programmes, and enjoy RETRO gaming!
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  1. Mp3 Remix: http://www.poob.org/HailFire%20Inferno.mp3 I've been working on two Remixes, the other one is the Grunty Industries. I'm still re-touching that one. I just finished this Remix, of my favourtie music in the game. I've used the same method to rip the music notes made my own midi, and used FL to generate some tunes. I've made the drumloops, so it fits with the 1st beat in the bar, to give it some power. I've built up the music, added different parts. I used a Trumpet, to make some tie in with-in the game to make it sound more "nice". Here is the original to compare: http://www.poob.
  2. I love this song. I think that the mood is perfect. The guitar is excellent. I like around near the end of the song, where the drums (toms I think) kick in, gives it some boost towards a nice end. Great Job (New One) -Amesuki
  3. I understand. I've think its too much and too loud. Thanks for your tips of dumbbing it down. I've not much experence in Remixing, but I do for Piano. XD Anyway yearh, tis hard remixing game music for me age! ( I had to add it in). Thankies guys! I'll work on it and post it up again soon.
  4. Hey. I'm trying again with another remix. Meh. Anyway, its Banjo Tooies theme music for Grunties Industries. I've used a programme, to gather the notes. I have put them together on FL Studio, and then imported it MMX. Anyway, it's ok I think. So, what do you think of it? http://www.poob.org/Gruntie's%20Industrix!.mp3 -Amesuki
  5. Hey I am new, well just new to the forums. I am Amesuki, I am fifteen, and I love Retro Games. I live in England, and I also own many keyboard, but my new laptop doesnt support them >.<! I am a boy! Well my favourite music artists are: The Prodigy MSI (Mindless Self Indulgence) And Sex Pistols. I love Retro Gaming and I own over £4000 worth of games and consoles. I currently have around 30 Consoles! And 1000 Games, so I tend not to get bored! Weird enough I do have a girlfriend. I was in a band called Systemize, but that went down the pan. Anyway I hope to get good tips on Remixe
  6. Hey all, I am Amesuki, and I should introduce my self really in my first post. I am fifteen years old, I live in England, and LOVE retro game and it's music. Anyway I've been working hard on this piece of music for a while now. I have the DEMO version of Fruity Loops, but have alot of MAGIX music maker. I got the tune of this piece by listening to it, and comparing it to the DAC of the emulator. So the tune might not be exactly right, however I believe it is close enough for me. Remember this is my first remix, but I have been in music for well over nine years now. I am actully very proud of
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