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  1. I was under the impression that an operating system and samples on an SSD wouldn't be a problem due to the fundamental differences between the SSD and the traditional hard drive, but I'm not sure of that. SCSI drives are the ones that spin around 10k-15k rpm right? How is the noise level?
  2. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to invest in one of these. Obviously the cost/gig factor is not very enticing but aside from that are there any other downsides? I've heard the drives encounter a performance hit during writing operations but that shouldn't affect loading programs and samples that have already been written. I'm considering installing Windows on the drive and some of my primary sample libraries. Thoughts?
  3. Anyone have confirmed working audio interfaces that run in XP/Vista/7 x64? I have a Phonic Firefly that I've tried with XP and 7 and it doesn't work with either even though drivers exist.
  4. Yeah, your kind is not welcome here haha. I was hoping for a way to make it default to the original key but this will have to do I suppose.
  5. How do I get apple loops to play in the key they are originally in after dragging them into a song? They always switch to the key of the song but that isn't always what I want. I can manually transpose them but that is a pain.
  6. I see the velocity area underneath the piano roll - it looks pretty similar to FL but as I understand it I have to click on the velocity and then pull it down or up. I can't just click say 75% from the bottom of the pane and have it jump right to that spot. That's how FL does it and I know it sounds trivial but it is really weird and slow to not have that functionality. Anyway, I'll try not to keep the "DAW war" going and just ask: how can I have my 3 mouse tools stay the same when I open a project? I keep having to switch them back.
  7. I have tried the bottom window and I can't get it to change anything without dragging the mouse. Is this a function of version 9 or can I do this in 8?
  8. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not trying to trash Logic, I'm actually very interested in learning better ways to do things in the program. Just pointing out the differences I've seen that make an impact in my experience. In FL you don't have to actually drag the velocity, you just click where you want it to be and it pops into place. I guess that's the biggest difference there. Hitting esc is a good time saver that I was not aware of. Honestly if they did something like Sonar where you can customize what the mouse does down to the finest details, I would probably just switch to Logic altogether. I am a huge fan of the included plugins (Sculpture ftw) and I actually prefer many aspects of the workflow. But when I spend 90% of the time in the piano roll, it needs to be lightning fast.
  9. If I may interject here, color coded velocities have nothing on the super simple editing of velocities that FL has. Just have the mouse in the general proximity of a note velocity on the bottom of the piano roll and adjust it to taste with a single click and without changing editing tools. You can also sweep the mouse across the velocities to change groups of them at once if you want. In Logic, as far as I can tell, you must have the pointer tool out and must click on the velocity and drag it to where you want it. And I know you can sweep across groups of velocities at once but I can't get it to work half the time. Basically, this stuff equates to more work and time, and it adds up quick. Also, my personal favorite feature of FL's piano roll, keyboard shortcuts where you don't have to manually switch back to your previous tool. Like if I want to cut a note I hold shift with the pencil tool active and it changes to the cutting tool. After I cut the note it switches back to the pencil tool automatically. Or I can hold shift+alt to cut while bypassing quantize settings. I have been trying to make the switch to Logic but the piano roll is a huge snag. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.
  10. So you have 64 bit Vista with 4+ gigs of RAM and Jbridge will handle the rest? Does it have a limit to how many you can have running at once?
  11. Can anyone vouch that this Jbridge works reliably? I primarily use FL Studio and occasionally Sonar. If it works with Kontakt and East West plugins I will be happy to drop some money for it.
  12. I have a couple of options in my current situation. I have a Macbook with a 5200rpm drive. I want to install Logic and some other plugins. Should I upgrade the internal hard drive to 7200rpm and install everything there, or keep the current internal drive and get a firewire 400 drive at 7200rpm to install samples on? I want whatever will get the best performance results.
  13. I just got some new monitors and had a problem with some kind of electrical interference, which I fixed by using the DC in on my firewire interface instead of using firewire bus power through the normal 6 pin cable. I tested the monitors in the store through the same interface on the same firewire cable that was giving me problems, and there was no hum in the store. Why might I have a problem when I set them up in my home studio? If I can go back to the other firewire cable, I'd prefer that so I can have a free outlet on my power strip. Also, I'm using instrument cable to run the audio through the monitors at the moment. Do I need to get some speaker cable or can I leave it as it is?
  14. I'm in the market for one right now and it seems that iDrum and BeatMaker are pretty good choices even though they are focused on beats and not so much melody and chords. Just looking for some opinions before I drop money on one of these things.
  15. This probably won't pass the judges as it is. Dunno if I can put the magic sauce on it but maybe some new ideas will bring some even newer ones. Export it as a zipped file in FL and send it to my email. I don't remember what I did with all those soundfonts so if it doesn't zip those up too you might have to send them as well.
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