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  1. I haven't posted here in a while. Hopefully this is still the place to post equipment trading / sales. I am selling a pair of new grados prestige for $175. I bought them for $200, but it was an impulse buy. I read a bunch about how great they sounded, and admittedly, the sound great, but I don't need them, and I desperately need the cash (paypal). I still have the box and everything. Free shipping. Edit. New offer $150. I see there is a new version called the 225i which apparently isn't any different, but there have been no takers anyways, so I'm lowering the price.
  2. Thank you so much this is driving me nuts! I am singing the top part but really it's played with a fast arpeggio on the guitar. http://soundcloud.com/westsidestory552/guitsong-1
  3. where can I watch this again? My friends and I were getting nostalgic talking about it, and we really wanted to hear the "I'm sweet tooth" line again haha.
  4. oh. No don't have it . Dang. Well at least I got reassured that I'm not crazy out of all of this.
  5. So I got storm drum 1 intakt and I am playing it through kontakt 4. It sounds pretty good, but it's mostly unusable. All the other sample libraries I've gotten have instruments or single hits. All it has are loops?? Like I hold down "C" it's one loop, hold down "C#" it's another similar loop. Now I read that they are sliced wav files, but I can't figure out how to access that feature. It has some really full cinematic hits and ethnic drums that I would like to use one shots of. *This is the closest I could get to solving it. edit: I mean I couldn't figure out how to get that red bar to show up that the guy was talking about. I also got the loop to slice to 1/16's but it's not quite what I was looking for as I miss out on the reverb tail of the big hits. Thanks so much! *http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?p=738078
  6. just angle them upward to your ears. Don't both raising them to ear level. Same thing right? I also said screw the monopads and rested mine on top of the foam packaging they came with. I A/B ed it out of curiousity and it prevented rattling of my desk. Not sure if the expensive foam does anything else special, but I'm more worried about my untreated drywall room acoustics than the foam under my speakers (or at least I think I am??)
  7. All I know is I usually end up cutting around 200-400 and severely cutting under 200
  8. ok i got it. thanks a lot. It looks really ugly as the audio file visually stretches around while it is playing and covers up parts ahead of it, but the sound is what I want. I fixed the visual by dragging it to the bottom so it wouldn't cover up stuff to the right. edit: and also it doesn't play back unless I start at the beginning of the audio. I would eventually know how to fix this but good enough for now. Just annoying to start at the beginning of the track every time when what I'm interested in is at the end i figured out 0 is fast forward which helps. Is there a rewind?
  9. I recorded a lengthy vocal take and ended up slicing some useable parts out with the playlist slice tool. Is there a way I can now make this slice it's own audio sample. As of now, all the slices are the same sample, just starting and ending at different points. I already worked around it, but it would be nice to know if there was a quick button for it or how you would do it. Thanks edit: ah - make unique button. Yay
  10. I got a line 6 tonedirect or toneport, and I absolutely love it. It was $80. This was two years ago. Might be something better now. It has a 1/4 input. Comes with excellent tones for guitar, bass, and vocals. You can also get the UX1 or w/e if you need phantom power. edit: not sure about the wobbling. Wobbling would have nothing to do with integrated audio if it's the volume going up and down. Or at least I don't think. Check if you have a limiter on the master track and everything is coming into it too loud. I did a lot of mixing on integrated audio until I got into recording guitar and vocals. Integrated audio has only two problems that I'm aware of: 1. it's right next to all your other computer equipment and suffers from noise (hiss hiss hiss) 2. it might not be as fast as you would like. You'll hear glitching sounds if you have a lot of stuff going on (rip rip rip)
  11. ok I recorded it on a straight tempo and then moved it into the accelerando. It's not ideal cause of the stretching artifacts but this should work until someone can help me
  12. Im trying to record audio while it speeds up tempo. It records fine. THen when it plays back, it is not what I played. FL studio automatically stretches the audio "to fit" but I dont want it to stretch because I played it to fit. Thanks!
  13. Is there a VST that can put sounds behind the listener, in front of them, below them, above them, etc? I just heard a very cool axe body spray ad on pandora, and I wanted to do a similar effect in music. My budget is $50. Maybe $150 if it really works well and is amazing. Thanks. I searched KVR and didn't find anything. I found something by spinaudio but they are no longer in business. edit: Just found something called wave arts production suite which includes "panorama 3d panning". I am trying ou the demo now
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