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  1. yo Happie BURF DAA NUCCA! lol for real though, congrats on another year, you truley created quite the website with alot of good help, pat yourself on the bat, get toasted, chill with your bride to be, and work on some more music slacker! (j/k) take it easy...now off to download some more tunes...
  2. lol funny thing, originally someone was supposed to rap over a simpler version of this track, but they faked...so that was that, thanks for the suggestions though, it will def. help with the process.
  3. thanks for the feedback guys. yeah actually when I think about it, this really did start out as a straight out remake of the original track, hence the sudden intro. so I guess we'll work on making another intro. I can also see what you mean about the hi-hats and the repetition. Time to put some polish in this thing, hopefully we'll have an updated version for you guys to listen to by next week. Thanks for the feedback! And we wouldn't mind more either! Also, collaborating with sixto would be pretty cool, I'll def. consider it.
  4. We made this remix for Sonic's 15th, so it is quite old, but wouldn't mind touching it up if we got the right feedback, and if people even like it! lol anyway, here it is! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/131025
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