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    I am a self published comic book artist. I released my first book, "ZOMBIE B.C.", in Sept 2012. The cover art was done by Aurora O'Brien (a local up-and-coming artist and model/actress) and Steve Rude "The Dude" (known for his Nexus comics as well as a host of others.) and colored by myself. First prints sold out and I am currently half way through my 2nd print inventory. In 2008 I did artwork for 2 t-shirts for the band Mindless Self Indulgence (One was a website exclusive and the other a Hot Topic design). I have also done artwork for other bands such as Tub Ring, Super 8-Bit Brothers, and a local group called n0th1n6 (Nothing). Currently I am writing the second issue to Zombie B.C. and becoming involved with a couple other groups (in the works).
    I love music and video games so naturally I eventually found my way here.
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  1. Your track-by-track reviews have been AWESOME man, thank you so much for taking the time out to do that! :-D I think I speak for everyone involved in the project when I say that your efforts are really appreciated :-)