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    I am a self published comic book artist. I released my first book, "ZOMBIE B.C.", in Sept 2012. The cover art was done by Aurora O'Brien (a local up-and-coming artist and model/actress) and Steve Rude "The Dude" (known for his Nexus comics as well as a host of others.) and colored by myself. First prints sold out and I am currently half way through my 2nd print inventory. In 2008 I did artwork for 2 t-shirts for the band Mindless Self Indulgence (One was a website exclusive and the other a Hot Topic design). I have also done artwork for other bands such as Tub Ring, Super 8-Bit Brothers, and a local group called n0th1n6 (Nothing). Currently I am writing the second issue to Zombie B.C. and becoming involved with a couple other groups (in the works).
    I love music and video games so naturally I eventually found my way here.
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  1. There's no source available that will announce when the next shipment happens (if), is there? Everything about this feels too "exclusive" and living about an hour away from any actual stores puts me at a disadvantage. I have missed SNES Classic, NES Classic, and the last two Zelda amiibo releses (plus upcoming Guardians) thanks to these limited pre-orders and shop inventories
  2. I totally agree! But I have seen the amazing artists here able to do amazing things with similarly ambient songs. The music has enough texture and sound to work with as well.
  3. Jurassic Park 2, The Chaos Continues is one of the harder games on the Super Nintendo, for all the right reasons. Graphics may not be top notch but the controls are sharp. 2 things stood out to me as a young gamer about this game, the early cinematic cut scene with voice work (one of the first or only for SNES, at least as far as I have seen), and the music. I love OCRemix. I have been using this site for years and occasionally I use the forums (since I'm not a musician, all I could contribute is artwork). One thing I keep hoping to finally see amongst all the Final Fantasy, Mario, and Zeld
  4. Glad to see some EWJ back on OCR! I have this song (radio edit) on the Earthworm Jim Anthology album
  5. I can't believe I missed this... I was a comics/artist guest of honor for Sabo too!!
  6. Yeah, I had the album downloaded at one point but I couldn't find the majority of my MP3s. I did manage to find all the songs, track 3 I had to find here on OCR as no mirror works on that one. Very slow process... Worst off for albums older than this one too. Hedgehog Heaven? There's one I have never heard
  7. I'm sure no one is really watching this album but I'm curious, There is no .zip and I have seen people looking for seeders. Can we get a completed .zip with all the artwork and MP3s that is standard for more recent albums? Many of the direct downloads dont work anymore anyway, the hosts are no longer there.
  8. Well in my track-to-track review so far, I also didn't praise the song entirely as something I liked in terms of style. I was trying to piece it together as it played as a First Impression review, instead of listening over and over (and for 80 songs that's just crazy time I dont have). BUT, despite that I'm also kinda "weird" when listening to vocal remix tracks, I put it aside, let it play and just listened. Subjectively looking at the song instead of just rejecting it due to my personal taste. Plus I was reviewing it so... I didn't want to be rude (acknowledging that I did knock Funky's The
  9. HAHA I didn't notice I still had "Rasta" there. AND there were loads more errors in the writing and spelling. I just made a bunch of corrections.
  10. haha thanks! Glad you're enjoying. I never really did a track-by-track review. Usually I just listen to something and I either like it or not... so I'm just trying to think if I were in conversation.

    I'll be doing the GBA discs soon. Still gotta be working on finals

  11. Your track-by-track reviews have been AWESOME man, thank you so much for taking the time out to do that! :-D I think I speak for everyone involved in the project when I say that your efforts are really appreciated :-)

  12. X-Y-X-X B-A-B-Y (Crystal Chasm) I been curious how this song would play out. The source itself isn't really a "song" or anything to really be remixed. The "Simon Says" style of this mini-game of matching the colored lights and sound patterns comes through in the execution of the remix. I think I read the remixer had "blacked out and the song was written". Really... that's all you need know on this song. Give it a listen. This one and "Mighty Junglol" are head to review as the ideas and execution is pretty out there. Echoing crystal chimes remind you to pay attention or you may miss w
  13. DISC 2 FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEWS: K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere, Krematoa Koncerto) Alright... Disc 2 starts with the map screen menu. I remember cruising around this map... thinking how innovative it was to freely move about in Funky's boat and not feeling limited to the linear map path the previous games had. Also you were able to explore the map and find hidden banana bird cave locations! A minute and a half into the song and the it changes gears from this light "Getting ready for adventure" vibe to a more melodic sound. I love hearing the source tune shine through this s
  14. Unfinished Business (Swanky's Sideshow) This song starts out very groovy with a few record-scratchin' DJ effects for nice effect. This maybe my favourite Swanky remix between the two DKC sequels. Very bouncy, nice crunchy soundscape. Funky bass-lines coming in and out of the track with consistent record scratching solos. I rather like this take on the track instead of trying to build up some kind of synthesizer or guitar as the main focus. Thrill of the Chase (Hot Pursuit) Big, heavy, thumbin' bass kickin' this song forward with atmospheric sounds I can't exactly nail down... either
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