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  1. There's no source available that will announce when the next shipment happens (if), is there? Everything about this feels too "exclusive" and living about an hour away from any actual stores puts me at a disadvantage. I have missed SNES Classic, NES Classic, and the last two Zelda amiibo releses (plus upcoming Guardians) thanks to these limited pre-orders and shop inventories
  2. I totally agree! But I have seen the amazing artists here able to do amazing things with similarly ambient songs. The music has enough texture and sound to work with as well.
  3. Jurassic Park 2, The Chaos Continues is one of the harder games on the Super Nintendo, for all the right reasons. Graphics may not be top notch but the controls are sharp. 2 things stood out to me as a young gamer about this game, the early cinematic cut scene with voice work (one of the first or only for SNES, at least as far as I have seen), and the music. I love OCRemix. I have been using this site for years and occasionally I use the forums (since I'm not a musician, all I could contribute is artwork). One thing I keep hoping to finally see amongst all the Final Fantasy, Mario, and Zelda remixes are these little gems. There is not one remix for JP2: The Chaos Continues. This game is rich with a soundtrack that explores many different locations. From jungle, to industrial buildings. I would LOVE to see remixes from this game, if not a whole album (its a smaller soundtrack, consisting of 14 or so tracks, most of which are the smaller tracks like "game over"). There is a wide range of music to explore for remixers. Personally I would love to hear darker, industrial tones, tribal drums and sounds that forebode imminent death, and perhaps a mix of heavy/power metal and/or orchestra when needed. I have included a selection of songs from the game. Here are descriptions to help paint the scenario in your mind as the music plays, Seek and Destroy has Alan Grant running through a fiery volcano to track down the raptor nest and gas it. Fire pillars erupt, Dimorphodon take flight, and watch out for a Triceratops who might charge for you. Escape the Volcano within a few minutes before Alan Grant is burned to a crisp, buried underground with the very creatures he once excavated. High Ptera brings Alan Grant to a giant cliiffside as he navigates through caverns and rock walls while avoiding Pteranodon and Dimorphodon to disable a satellite. Protect the Gallimimus as armed Biosyn personal try to airleft dinosaurs from a large Serengeti-type expanse ; armed troops and military grade helicopters fire and bomb Alan Grant. Blockade takes Alan Grant indoors to Jurassic Park's control rooms for a mission as he climbs through power generators, fans, steaming pipes, and some Biosyn guards stealing data and information on dinosaur genetic cloning. Dark Jungle is most likely the first stage song you hear as it kicks off all jungle levels like Raptor Attack and T-Rex Carnage. Haunting drums and whistles of a world unknown. T-Rex Carnage takes place as you leave the "dark jungle" and jump on a Jeep Wrangler while a hungry T-Rex gives chase. Biosyn soldiers fire on you from treetops but if you stop emptying your gun on the unkillable Tyrannosaur, you wil be eaten. Watch out though, for you must abruptly jump off your jeep, as it plummets into a chasm, hoping to grab a vine out of the T-Rex's biting range. Raptor Attack and Alan Grant is in a darkly lit underground power facility. Poison the raptors and Spitters, get the power rebooted, and get out before.... Lethal Gas is poisoning the dinosaurs and you must get Alan Grant outside as the time runs down before it kills him, too. SEEK AND DESTROY, ESCAPE THE VOLCANO, HIGH PTERA, PROTECT THE GALLIMIMUS, BLOCKADE, DARK JUNGLE, T-REX CARNAGE (looping), RAPTOR ATTACK (titled lethal gas), LETHAL GAS There have been a few covers of the soundtrack. Literally, only a few. Notable to me is DonutDrums who has recorded 2 covers in a 3 year window. Here are links to his covers to these songs which features montages of him playing the different parts. Dark Jungle (2015 cover), Blockade (2014 cover) I would love to see what the brilliant artists of OCReMix can do. Please, and thank you! And, if an album might be doable, I would like to throw my hat in to do the artwork for said album
  4. Glad to see some EWJ back on OCR! I have this song (radio edit) on the Earthworm Jim Anthology album
  5. I can't believe I missed this... I was a comics/artist guest of honor for Sabo too!!
  6. Yeah, I had the album downloaded at one point but I couldn't find the majority of my MP3s. I did manage to find all the songs, track 3 I had to find here on OCR as no mirror works on that one. Very slow process... Worst off for albums older than this one too. Hedgehog Heaven? There's one I have never heard
  7. I'm sure no one is really watching this album but I'm curious, There is no .zip and I have seen people looking for seeders. Can we get a completed .zip with all the artwork and MP3s that is standard for more recent albums? Many of the direct downloads dont work anymore anyway, the hosts are no longer there.
  8. Well in my track-to-track review so far, I also didn't praise the song entirely as something I liked in terms of style. I was trying to piece it together as it played as a First Impression review, instead of listening over and over (and for 80 songs that's just crazy time I dont have). BUT, despite that I'm also kinda "weird" when listening to vocal remix tracks, I put it aside, let it play and just listened. Subjectively looking at the song instead of just rejecting it due to my personal taste. Plus I was reviewing it so... I didn't want to be rude (acknowledging that I did knock Funky's Theme pretty good... I was still trying to review the song despite the genre and subject matter not in my palette). It's not a style I like but there are many cool things going on in the song and the singer does have a good voice. It's production and arrangement sound pro too so despite where it may sit on my list of favs from the album, I wanted to be fair to anyone who may read the whole review. I still gotta get Discs 3 and 4 going... but I have atleast another day or so of finals
  9. HAHA I didn't notice I still had "Rasta" there. AND there were loads more errors in the writing and spelling. I just made a bunch of corrections.
  10. haha thanks! Glad you're enjoying. I never really did a track-by-track review. Usually I just listen to something and I either like it or not... so I'm just trying to think if I were in conversation.

    I'll be doing the GBA discs soon. Still gotta be working on finals

  11. X-Y-X-X B-A-B-Y (Crystal Chasm) I been curious how this song would play out. The source itself isn't really a "song" or anything to really be remixed. The "Simon Says" style of this mini-game of matching the colored lights and sound patterns comes through in the execution of the remix. I think I read the remixer had "blacked out and the song was written". Really... that's all you need know on this song. Give it a listen. This one and "Mighty Junglol" are head to review as the ideas and execution is pretty out there. Echoing crystal chimes remind you to pay attention or you may miss whats next. Breaking the Crystal Key (Mama Bird) The intro reminds me of the cave stages in DKC2. I dont remember this source or any "mama bird" in the game. A theme I am noticing in this album are the chiming crystal sounds. More jungle sounds and birds chirping here give you the impression of being in a crystal cavern within the jungle, perhaps with the cave ceiling removed and everything reverberating within the walls. The song picks up with a lot of glitch distortion, breakbeats and a panicked tempo behind the what-once-was relaxed song. Afterburn (Rocket Run) I feel like I'm listening to a Pendulum song. I really like this drum n' bass remix so far. I don't remember rocket barrels in DKC3... Did I even finish DKC3? I know I played it a lot at a friend's. And I remember the "Prof. K Rool" boss stage in a factory looking lab... Hmmm At any rate this remix is really cool and I think it brings new life in Disc 2. I'm thinking it's a highlight for me based on what I'm hearing as it's nearing the 3min mark. Bring the Noise (Big Boss Blues) Ok I cheated... I couldn't peg what remix this was for. Big Boss Blues? Were there larger bosses than the standard stage boss? Ahh yes... We have finally reached the K.Rool theme! I remember playing the stage on SNES and I LOVED the dark nature of this track, especially the down-tempo bass, the panicked increase of the song's pace and then the cherry-on-the-cake for me, the memorable guitar whale "WAAHHHHH" throughout. I remember I would try to pause the game for this theme just so I can hear the loop for awhile. On to the remix: So far the remix really doesn't sound like the source to me. Sounds very "cheery" more than "dark". I heard a little bit of the lead in. 30sec in and I like the orchestra sound as the song picks up... I'm waiting for that guitar "WAAHH" as the song is building up. A minute in and I like what its doing to make the boss theme a little more dancey. It's got a hint of that darkness within the bass... 1:40 is this it? Noo... no guitar "WAHHH". A teased build up. The song goes into a bit of a solo past the 2min mark and I have yet to hear the iconic sound I loved in the original. I'm trying not to make that give me a poor impression on the remix here... But now that the song has ended and I'm still writing I will say I am VERY disappointed not to hear this element brought into the remix. Still a good remix. A personal preference would be the source over the remix but I know alot of people will love this and it fits with the album. Friendships Through Dark and Light (Crazy Calypso, Crystal Chasm) This song reminds me of the castle lobby in Super Mario 64 a bit. It feels like a bonus track to me, seeing it's a mash-up of two sources remixed already and after the boss theme. Very tribal sounding, like you could see all the Kongs celebrating at the reunion and rescue and the fall of K.Rool. I forget though... In DKC2 there was the Lost World aspect to the game that brought in a rematch with K.Rool. I remember it was simple enough... dodge the repeated and inverted patterns of barrels, spiked balls and colored blobs and hit K.Rool once with a cannonball. I would think they would expand and build on this in DKC3. The song picks up a bit more after 4min. It feels more Indiana Jones to me. Big, high adventure. Nice arrangement and I like the orchestra inclusion again... something I am getting self conscience on bringing up. Is it clear yet I really dont know musical terms? I like what I hear and I dont like other songs I hear... I can compare to what I know but that's the length of it. The song calms down into what feels more like Crystal Chasm. A nice outro to the track. Return to Kong, Bye-Bye Baddies! (Baddies on Parade, Crazy Calypso, Pokey Pipes) A mash-up of the end credits, Crazy Calypso (again... 3rd remix?) and another variation of Pokey Pipes. I always enjoyed the end credits in DKC games. You see all the characters... good and bad... scroll across the screen in a final "Take a bow" moment. This was always highlighted to me as a kid with the main playable Kong's having a funny interaction with each other. I don't really know how else to review this song. The Baddies on Parade source is meant to close out the game and this remix plays as a nice reminder to what we have heard and to bring us home and close out the SNES half of this album. Half of the Double, really. 'Til We Meet Again (Game Over) OH YA!! There is a Game Over theme too wasn't there?! HAH! I totally forgot! First off... wasn't the Game Over theme, like, 15sec? And really just a couple disappointed sounding chimes? The fact the remixer here was able to stretch that another 3:30min is amazing... another trait the OCRemixers blow me away on. It's a good remix. Chilled hip-hop timed beats play, we get what sounds like hands clapping in another part of the song and I hear that lullaby sound again which I BELIEVE was the sound heard when you did get the game over screen (a baby's toy instrument I think). OVERALL IMPRESSION: It's clear, atleast on the SNES remixes, that there was an underlying theme explored throughout the album. Much of the album seemed low tempo to me. A lot of jungle and ethnic sounds, lots of atmosphere and moody sounds throughout the majority of the album. To me, on first impression, Disc 2 had a lot of the same sounding songs. This isn't to say that the whole album blended together but that a majority of the songs didn't stick in my mind as they all felt surreal and more like an updated score. The ones that did stick in my mind were the few aggressive tracks. Overall I would say the first two SNES discs explore much of the DKC3 island locations through its feelings more than expected dance track versions of each song. Personally I would have liked to have seen more musical styles experimented on. MY DISC FAVS: Nuts and Bolts, Mill Fever, Pokey Pipes (Intoxica), Boss Boogie, Afterburn, and honorable mention: Chase (Discs 3 and 4 are left... I have not played the GBA game so I'm not sure what to expect. I may get to those tomorrow. I have homework and art to do.)
  12. DISC 2 FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEWS: K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere, Krematoa Koncerto) Alright... Disc 2 starts with the map screen menu. I remember cruising around this map... thinking how innovative it was to freely move about in Funky's boat and not feeling limited to the linear map path the previous games had. Also you were able to explore the map and find hidden banana bird cave locations! A minute and a half into the song and the it changes gears from this light "Getting ready for adventure" vibe to a more melodic sound. I love hearing the source tune shine through this song. I really like the reverbing bass throughout the song. Wonderfall (Cascade Capers) Simian sounds over a very melodic jungle soundscape. This feels like one of the arctic stages to me. Some string picking, some wind instruments and tribal-bongos help shape this song's image. The sounds of crystal's chiming and singing, atleast around 2:30, is a nice touch. A very nice, moody, emotional, remix. The song almost seems to give the listener hope like they are about to come out of this frigidness... the cold is about to end! Very cool, remix. Punned. Incase anyone is wondering as the song is playing, I'm writing about it. Thus: First impressions. A few times I have backed up the song to check something I may have heard or missed though. Winter (Frosty Frolics) I feel like there are a lot of arctic sounds on this soundtrack already. Are there really this many snow levels? Another song with a "cold" type element to the music's construction. The drums on this track are what bring this song to life, to me. It's really hard to be more critical on this song. It's simply named "Winter" and, to me, that's simply all there is to this remix. I feel it should have ended around 2:50min though. It starts to get a bit repetitive. I think any exploration could have been fit into a smaller time frame. Low Life (Treetop Tumble) I remember reading the description on this track while I was still downloading the album. It was the second remixer to say they were to use 'dubstep' elements in the remix. The buildup around a minute, pulsing synth sounds follow and all sounds basically building together. The beats start up with textured, glitching, pulsing rhythm and then just before the 2min mark we are thrown right into that "WUB-WUB" dubstep is known for. This maybe the only dubstep mix I can think of without a buildup to the "nasty" bass drop. The song is still present; not hidden or forgotten in distortion or bass wobble and glitch, then almost 3min and and the song comes back. The return of the wobbing-bass is different as it continues to pulse the song forward while the main song's lead is almost atmospheric. The bass itself isn't doing anything more than supplying the beats, another trait not often found in dubstep as it's usually the bass that leads the song. Blast Beatdown (Nuts and Bolts) Oh man... crunchy, industrial bass fill out my speakers. Are we in the factory?! Out of the clean snow and into the dark, toxic factory. I'm really like this song. The build up is very nicely done and then 1:25 and the song seriously just takes off! Is it too soon to say this is my favourite song on Disc 2? There is a lot of attitude and character in this song for sure. Towards the end this song also experiments with the dubstep sound, a nice touch for the end. Intoxica (Pokey Pipes) Is Intoxica a word? I read the artist description on that matter of that being a real word or not. I would just say: It is now. Another dark theme, I'm thinking another factory theme or toxic aquatic level. Lots of resonating type sounds here that give the song a sort of distorted feel, something further explored as the track progresses. Very cool ideas and execution. Water Warped (Water World) Are we back in the Water World? Is this the same source I was just listening to a remix of on Disc 1? Well... if the "Water World" is any indication then I would say yes. Was this a choice to fill disc space? Were there just a number of remixers who wanted the same song? I don't want to compare remixes, so on it's own this song has a lot of synth sounds. Lots of distortions and an almost hip-hop beat. I like the sampled voice-overs too, gives the song a bit more characteristics. Overall it's a good remix but I wonder why there are 2 Water World remixes. Can't Boss Us Around (Robot Anarchists from Hell Mix) [boss Boogie] The boss theme I read so much about that gave the remixers nightmares. I really like this song. Lots of sounds, textures, pulsing sounds, DJ scratching and distortion. With all the previous remixes I have written a review for so far, I have been talking about the song as it plays. This song is just too good that it just... speaks for itself. I like all the change ups within the song too, keeps the song fresh. The glitching breakdown at the end is nice too as if it's all just falling apart. Krematoa Inferno (Mill Fever) I wasn't sure what to expect from this remix from the really hip-hop sampled intro that started it off. A very catchy electronic remix emerges. Dirty, textured wobbing bass lead this song. This song gives a sense of urgency. Very hot track with a nice breakdown. Songs like this make me wish I were listening to these mixes louder on my speakers... Wrinkley's Nightcap (Wrinkly 64) Ahhh ya... the source name reminded me that, in the game, you could find Wrinkly Kong doing a number of activities in her cave as she looks after the banana birds. I also remember how cool I thought it was that she was playing a Nintendo console in the game. Was the source really called Wrinkly 64? Didn't the N64 come out later or was this game released towards the end of SNES' life with the N64 already out? Hmmm... again I feel I need to play DKC3 again. This song, is basically a lullaby. It sounds old-timey with a nice grand piano bringing this ancient ape to bed in her couch. There really isn't much else here... A nice, slow, piano movement meant to be something Grandma Kong would hear as she turns out the lights in her home. The Mighty Junglol (Chase) "...This is the Mighty Jungle" are the last things you hear before the actual song starts... but to me the song doesn't really start until :40sec. Clearly a chase song with ape-sounds thrown about. I keep forgetting this game has a large baby Kong in his pajamas. Kiddy was my least fav Kong... until DK64 released. Ethnic instruments and voices mixed with jungle sounds and an upbeat drum beat keep the pressure on in this "Chase" remix.
  13. Unfinished Business (Swanky's Sideshow) This song starts out very groovy with a few record-scratchin' DJ effects for nice effect. This maybe my favourite Swanky remix between the two DKC sequels. Very bouncy, nice crunchy soundscape. Funky bass-lines coming in and out of the track with consistent record scratching solos. I rather like this take on the track instead of trying to build up some kind of synthesizer or guitar as the main focus. Thrill of the Chase (Hot Pursuit) Big, heavy, thumbin' bass kickin' this song forward with atmospheric sounds I can't exactly nail down... either samples or keyboards. Either way I really like whats been done to this song. Again I can't really figure what this song is. It reminds me of the fire stages in Diddy's Kong Quest, like Hot Head Bop, but it could be a chase song. Again I'm not too sure. Either way this song gives me the feeling of being in a dark, hot cavern that I probably shouldn't stick around in. Another Fav remix to me. Epic Banana's (Treetop Tumble) Speaking of favorites: this song, I'm again not sure of the source. With how often this is happening to me I feel like I'll need to listen to the source then the remix for this first impression reviews. Anyway I really like the remix here. The arrangement is here, it's pulsing, it feels like a boss track or a chase track. I know it's not a boss track 'cus I know that's coming later (I had read about the headaches it gave the remixers) but this song is done in such a way that it feels bigger and more imposing than I'm sure the original source did. Don't Drink The Water (Enchanted Riverbank) A rave remix of one of the aquatic jungle stages. Good bass a standard rave sound that was popular in the 90s, a sound that since disappeared in favor of new electronic arrangements in recent evolutions of electronic dance music. Great sound-scape in my opinion and I like the occasional exploration into the trance side. I would ALMOST call this happy hardcore, which in my opinion, is a dead dance genre that was popular in the 90s as well. I could see this being played on a dance floor with pulsing lights and people on the dance floor in costume. Maybe it'll become an anime/comic convention dance number? Banana Revolution (Live in Kongcert) [Cranky's Showdown] Wasn't Cranky dead in DKC3? Did he have a theme? I'm not sure I remember his presence anywhere in this game! The song begins with the sound of a live audience settling in before a concert starts. I like how that brings us into the song. The actual orchestration begins and I'm diggin' the track so far. I like that we stick with the live concert idea and continue to head audience cheers and applause. Then the lyrics start up. Now... I dunno if it's just me but I have always been weird with remixes with lyrics. There have only been a few occasions where I like or don't mind vocals on top of an original track source but generally I'm not crazy for them. This song is one I don't mind. I would need to listen to the song again to catch more of the lyrics to figure out what they are about... or find the remixer's notes and see if there was a concept behind the lyrics. Stylistically it's sung in a way I personally would avoid. It sounds like a lot of the more euro electronic tracks, almost trance like. I don't want my personal preference here to say that the mix is trash. On a whole the execution is done well. The music works with the vocal styling done here and I like the idea it feels like we're in a concert. I'm thinking with the concept of a "concert" we're meant to feel more like this is a Coldplay or Radiohead style "band" with a seated audience versus what I felt sounded more like euro trance. Either way it's a good remix that I'm sure many people will dig. Permafrost (Frosty Frolics) Synth intro behind a very cool "DONK-KEY-KONG" and chimp scream and the song's beat finally comes in. After a minute I recognize the arctic source more. Nice slow down and general atmosphere. I do get the idea of desolation, loneliness, and coldness, during this bit of the track. Bring the drums back and the song catches it's dance beat again. It's a fun little dance number and I'm a big fan of the voice over as I mentioned above. Very clever. Kingfisher's Stream (Cascade Capers) Merging from Permafrost straight into this track (I actually had to check the track name as I didn't realize the song changed), we got a down-tempo aquatic dance number. I slightly remember the source within a minute and a half of the song. I like the song exploration after the two minute mark and around 2:30 it seems the remixer is experimenting with some dubstep "wob-wob" ideas and sounds. It's not "true" dubstep, maybe more that old "dub" sound remix that existed before the big jump into dubstep, either way it's a great change up and keeps up pace with the song and I think it adds a lot to the track. Really nice change ups here. Deep Sea Lights (Water World) A very slow, almost meditation opening to this song. I get the feeling of an actual water world. Just large, deep blue oceans with active sea life and my trust swordfish by my side. I like the bass alot one it comes in around 1:25. Very ominous and mysterious. Just consistent. Lots of great sounds close to the 2 min brings this song to life and out of the meditation sound. I'm really like the electric sounds that are overlapping the otherwise calm sounds of an aquatic world. Ying and Yang, to me. I really like listening to this song as it continues on. When I saw it had a run time of 6:33 I was thinking "Really? That's a bit lengthy" and indeed it's the longest song on Disc 1... But I could really just see myself listening to this with my headphones on and just sitting down and drawing. It's got a trance quality to it with how quite and meditational the overall composition sounds but then you get pounding, distorted, chaoticness throughout the song that I think it would make a great score to something. Exploration C (Cavern Caprice) Coming off Deep Sea Lights, nothing against the remix, but I almost feel this is redundant. It's a remix of one of the cavern's as I can tell from the source title but overall it's much like the previous song and makes me think it should have come later in the playlist/tracklist. It's another slow track and I like the "crystal-sounds", I'll call 'em. The flute sounds are very cool as well and something I dont think I have heard at all in the album yet. The background of the song seems tribal a little to me. Getting close to the 4min mark I really enjoy the exploration going on here. This track is the second longest on Disc 1 and, again, coming off Deep Sea Lights I'm really feeling it... the length of this song is feeling tedious and I just want to hear the next song. Around 5min the song calms down again back into the feeling of a busy, dark cavern. Lots of great sounds in this remix but an almost 6min remix, also overall slow, coming off a 6.5min slow aquatic-trance remix just makes it feel redundant to me. I'll probably enjoy this song played separate from the confines of the playlist (since I'm doing this in order). Shuffle will be very nice to more appreciate this track, or just listening to it separate from my OCReMix collection. There is a lot of cool stuff going on here and nice exploring of the source. Shenanigan Bananigans (Jungle Jitter) Almost 2min of this was playing while I was finishing up Exploration C's review. It's a very playful, hijinx's style track. I would picture this as a type of song that would be played over a silent movie to move the action along. I cant think of the original source file here. Getting closer to the 3min mark and we get a bit more of an orchestra feel, I can picture a conductor just getting his orchestra up to get that "umph" in the last few moments of this track. Cliffside Clamber (Rockface Rumble) I REMEMBER THESE STAGES!! Uuh man... did I have trouble here in the game. I hate the source song too because the stages gave me a lot of trouble. It reminded me of wind whistling through the canyon cracks. This song preserves that sound and feeling with a native sounding feel. A rock guitar comes and and the song takes off in another direction, almost unrecognizable, before returning to a more classic DKC Temple sound around 2:15. I really like all the ideas being played with here in the song and that the source doesn't feel strained. I would rather THIS song play when I'm playing this canyon climbing levels... maybe I wouldn't hate the stages so much then. Mojo Gogo (Jangle Bells) I remember reading the remixer's description of getting a hold of this song 'cus it got dropped and became a leftover. I'm not sure of the source (big surprise) but it's a really goofy party-style song. I really like the prominent sax sounds on here too. OVERALL IMPRESSION: thinking back to what I just heard, Disc 1 has a lot of slow, ambient, chill-out music. A few dance-type tracks and other up-beat songs sprinkled throughout this disc. Looking forward to seeing what Disc 2 brings. MY DISC FAVS: Brother's Bear, Sub-Map, Hot Pursuit, Treetop Tumble, Water World
  14. DISC 1 FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEWS: Road To Double Trouble (Fanfare) I really like this as an introduction track. It really brings you into the world of the game and what the album will surely bring. It's mysterious, ambient and then... Let It Beat [or Beating Our Dix] (Dixie Beat) It kicks right off into an awesome drum intro, which then calms down into something similar to the DKC1 theme befor fully coming down around the 20sec mark, more or less loosing the "beat" in the title in exchange for a moure loungy sounding track. Very chill with tropical sound instruments and a funky 'lil bass track and nice drums. About a minute and a half the song picks up in a more of a hurry, as if we been lounging around too long and time is about to run out. Again, the song rushes a bit more after 3min and starts to sound more like the the intro did with a nice drum beat to close us out. I included the song's original name, according to the remixers, because it made me laugh and I like it more than the finished song name. Joe Elm (Crazy Calypso) It's been some time since I have played DKC3. I own DKC2 on SNES still and actually just started playing it again recently for the hell of it. I thought I had DKC1 but I can't find it. That said, I recognize the source track on this song although, without looking at the website, I cant exactly remember where in the game this song takes place (early, I assume). The song certainly lives up to it's "crazy Calypso" roots, ethnic sounds with nice low tempo moments and coming back for nice chimes and drums. I read the artist description on the "name pun" for Joe Elm but I still don't get it. Unbearable (Brother Bear) My least favourite locations in the game, especially the song and the bear characters. I wasn't too thrilled to see this song coming up in the playlist... and then it started. Slammin' funky blues rocks really bring the source material to life in a new loud, gritty way. Nice blues-solos throughout and I like the saloon/bar-style piano which seems to get interchanged for more of an organ then a keyboard later on. All of this makes the song my favourite track on the album so far. I almost wish the bass was louder on here... I wish I could turn up the bass on my player... The Submap Emissary (Sub-Map Shuffle) Woah! Is this the song I think it is?! The first 30sec of the track really make the world sound dangerous and treacherous. After that the guitar brings the song a bit more into recognition and basically gives the listener a more "reassuring" feeling. The song slows down a bit and gets a little ambient and then goes back into being eery, there's a very nice guitar solo 3/4th of the way through the song which brings the song into another slow, almost lullaby close. Purewater Pressure (Stilt Village) Quite honestly I don't recognize this song's source... most likely because it's been forever since I played the game. It's a very playful track, very light and fun sounding, to me. Bash the Bastards! (Bonus Time) The song starts off very jazzy with, what sounds like, a saxophone coming in. The overall song is almost trance like with nice acoustic guitars coming in and chimes throughout. In the context of the game, I would have a hard time playing the bonus rounds, which were usually intense 20sec or so mini-games of collecting, killing, or getting to another end of the stage. This song is very loungy and relaxed from that rushed feeling. That's something I have loved from the OCR remixers, they are able to take the source tunes and make them into all these other styles just by experimenting with the instruments, time signatures and so on. Brilliant. Funky's Joint (Hangin' at Funky's) As I stated on the topic while this thing was still downloading, I cruised through the list on songs per disc, reading descriptions, picturing in my mind what each song was supposed to sound like or what point of the game or stage the song fit in. The other thing I always do when a DKC album is released, or a remix is submitted to OCR, is check to see if it's Funky's Theme. Ever since I first played the first DKC, Funky Kong became my fav Kong. his theme was awesome (and brilliantly re-created by bLiNd for "Kong In Concert") and he was just this awesome, funky, surfer Kong. I always wished for him to be playable in a future Nintendo game, like maybe a playable fighter in Smash Bros (I was happy to see him in Mario Kart Wii). In the DKC series; DKC3's Funky's theme was never my fav (although better than the military-take on the character seen later in DK64). However I was excited to give the remix a listen for this song, looking for it's placement in the tracklist while the download continued... ... and then I was let down... ... and without any high hopes on the track at all (based on the source). Why? I had a bad feeling while reading the song description but I was hoping it would be more Jamaican track with maybe the inclusion of steel drums, ska, dub, or something. INSTEAD the song starts and I think "Is that a lighter flick?". Then I hear the bubbling. Really? This is a stoner song now? I really feel this was an "easy way out" of exploring this theme. No offense to the remixer or anyone involved with it's process. I'm sure there will many who will love this. I mean, it passed the judges or panel. It's just a review but I feel it was undersold and cheapened. Perhaps it's just my tastes. Anyway: Another loungey track within the 1st disc of the album. This one is very Bob Marley with very relaxed sounds. As I stated (in disgust), it's a stoner track (based on the intro of the song - setting the mood) so the song is arranged in a very "sittin' around the house, snackin' on chips with the windows shut tight" vibe (is that what people do? I don't know). What throws me off most, and gives me a bad taste in my mouth, is the inclusion of the bong sound effects at the start and end. I have a ton of friends and some family who do this sorta stuff, and that's fine so whatever, it's their thing. However it's not my thing and it's really a turn off in music and movies (Because it's not my lifestyle and I don't get it). What I'll probably do for future listens is to adjust the start and end times in iTunes so it starts just after that bubbly bong sound ends, and before it happens again at the end of the song... it'll still be there on the album and the mp3 file, and if I listen to it outside of iTunes/my iPod but... atleast I don't have to hear it. Personally, and I'm no remixer or arranger (just an artist who likes to draw and self-publish comic books), I would have taken this song into a more funky, Scat-style bebop based off the source material "Do-whop" sounding vocal bits through the track. More Lou Rowls then Bob Marley, really. (Disc 1 reviews continued on next post)
  15. woah! bonus tracks for reviews all 80 some tracks?! X_X hah I'm tempted... gotta finish out these finals...
  16. Funky Kong is my fav in all Kong games since I first saw him in DKC1 so anytime a new DKC remix or album comes out, I always check if it's a Funky's remix. I'm so very disappointing the remix on this album is a stoner track. The breakdown in the middle/endish is pretty good but otherwise very let down on this one. As soon as the song started, I cringed. Otherwise from what I am hearing the rest of the album sounds solid. I have only heard a couple tracks. The album is only 33% downloaded but ya! yay for new DKC remixes. Makes me want to play DKC3 again (which I have never owned...)
  17. Hey guys! Is there anyone who can post, or send me, tracks 7-14 from Disc 3? These files have never downloaded properly since the album was launched. I forgot about them and decided to try again recently and I'm getting DNS Errors and other sites just seem to be down. Thanks much to anyone who can help me complete the album finally
  18. Hey folks! I learned both my Black Mages albums (1 and 2) are actually bootlegged. Being really annoyed at this, and wanting to get my hands on the 3rd album I was hoping you guys can point me in the direction of a website that is selling the three albums (REAL) and at a lower, more reasonable price. I checked Amazon and the albums are listed several times all around $50 to $60 and all with various Labels and Product Numbers... and I learned a long time ago not to buy Japanese goods from Amazon as its usually bootlegs.
  19. I'm still wanting to pick up these albums. Any good websites with the real CDs? I investigated my first two Black Mage albums and discovered they are bootlegs... damn comic shops...
  20. This final version is AMAZING! I remember suggesting you throw in the "Do a Barrel Roll" haha Anyways I instantly saved it and listened it it 3 times already! Great finale version
  21. Does the person who moved my topic have an answer to my question?
  22. My mom is trying to edit a few videos and she's got Final Cut Pro 4. She wants to upload videos to YouTube for promoting a local Irish group. I know how to compress in Adobe Premier which is on a PC, I have no idea how to work any of her MAC programs. Can anyone help out on this, please?
  23. I have always enjoyed DCK2 over the original. I have never been to big on DKC3 (but wouldn't mind finding a used copy thats not $30... damn!)
  24. Depending on mood... I can get pumped from Buckethead, Rage, Tub Ring, Mindless Self Indulgence, Devil Came Down to Georgia (from GH3), Pendulum, Infected Mushroom and some others that escape me at the moment... However i could just be as board and "ho-hum" over this selection depending on mood and have falling asleep to a number of these usual toe-tappin', head-banging favourites of mine
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