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  1. aw fack kelvin. i'm really sorry if only my damn zsnes would cooperate with me.... ._.
  2. my zsnes is still having problems so. i withdraw. seems like a fun tourny though.
  3. ok. i'm in. aim's goldenkrnboi for you people. and i promise. this time i'll play at least 3-4 matches
  4. ehm....... that wasn't the avatar i had in mind..... i meant the one i used for the last tourney. the urahara one?
  5. eh. sorry i screwed up last tournament's playoffs. hopefully nothing happens to me this tournament. it always seems to be the playoffs when something weird happens. so, i'm in. you know my avatar and aim
  6. feeeeck. i just found out today that i'm going to be gone for the weekend. ;owo;hwatl;hwt so... screw this.
  7. oh. FECK. i forgot again. if your on, i'll play you right now. graduation. yeah. makes you forget things.
  8. ....? was that necessary? all i was asking was what it meant. O.o
  9. hehe. oh feck. morrigan is the comeback queen XD goldenkrnboi 3-2 kelvin down 0-2 won 3-2.
  10. haha. i wanted to use the assassin avatar too. but i couldn't find it anymore. so i found the next best thing: urahara kisuke!
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