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  1. Hi StickyGum, I think you're right, this seems just the right length now and I think flows together really well. I like how you've tweaked the transitions a little. I think it's come a long way since your first version. Hopefully you've enjoyed creating it as much as I'm sure we've all enjoyed listening to it
  2. LOVING THIS I hadn't realized you had thrown these two songs in. I just went to the link and incremented it to sonic5 (assuming you might have updated it) so I had a nice surprise lol. It's sounding really good though. Not sure how much more you plan to put in but I'd love to hear a take on Marble Garden. Keep up the great work, I think this could end up as one of the top sonic 3 remixes on here
  3. This is a pretty cool idea, a giant mashup. If you can pull it off it will be awesome My only comment would be about considering a bit of a unique style\twist being applied on each zone music. I.e. start off with the music in a traditional sonic 3 style, and then take it in a unique direction - add your own take to make it a bit different and exciting and then return it back to the more classic sound before switching to the next one. And don't be afraid about length! It's supposed to be long if it's going to be a mashup lol. The longer the better haha.
  4. I really like this one, I love the variation between different sections of it, and it's something different. Good work guys! You've made the first remix for Sonic 4 Episode I a really good one.
  5. Really liked it, my only comment was the intro seemed a tad too long, but once it got rolling it was awesome
  6. Hey, long time lurker and very infrequent poster - just had to come out of the woodwork to say this remix is absolutley brilliant, really good job!! I paticularly like the section that begins between 1.00 and 1.15 - you've captured the principal tune of Lava Reef really well. So like everyone else, my two cents is: Please please finish this I just know when it's done it's going into my favourite OC Remix playlist for a long time!! - Paul
  7. Hi All, Just thought I would drop some feedback on the album. Overall pretty cool, glad someone followed up with a Hedgehog Heaven style album for Sonic 3. I really loved some of the tracks like 105 Walk on Water (finally a brilliant remix of Hydrocity), 107 Three Ring Nightfall for Carnival Night, and I was paticularly fond of the tracks by Kanjika for Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary, I think these two not only hit the mark but flew past it. My personal credo is that a good remix has to be close enough to the original music so you can recognise it, but also remaster it in a new and excitin
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