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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I know that in writing, you can legally quote other people just as long as you have the proper citation (it works awesomely on the internet since you can simply hyperlink the actual article) but I was unsure whether it was legal for music. I really don't think I'd be in any trouble anyway since I do not plan to make any money on this podcast (purely for my portfolio). But I figured it would not hurt to ask. Anyway, thanks for your help guys. Keep up the great work.
  2. Hello there everybody. I just discovered this web site last week and I have been absolutely loving it. The music that you guys have been making is absolutely amazing. I tip my hat to all of you amazing remixers. However, I had a question. I am considering starting a video game podcast and I would like to use some of the remixes that are hosted on this site. Who owns the rights to these songs? I want to make sure I secure permission before using any of the songs, so I will definitely ask each remixer before I use his or her song. But in case I cannot get a hold of a remixer, i.e. someone who left the community, who holds the control over the remixes on this web site?
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