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  1. This is so goddamn good. I need like, five albums' worth of this to play while I'm driving.
  2. today I listened to a homestuck album and discovered that he is also a remixer. your music is above fantastic.

  3. Not mine, but it wasn't posted here so I decided to. Download it here.
  4. Well, they've just remastered their old songs and completed their OoT album. Hadn't heard about it before yesterday. I'll look up the old thread.
  5. I just discovered Zelda Reorchestrated. Remember how OoT had two soundtracks: Hyrule Symphony (with a string ensemble and some other instruments), and the OST (just the music recorded directly from the game, with all the tiny little item found tunes and stuff)? This is the OST, but with an orchestra instead of the Nintendo 64's sound chip. This thing is totally awesome. http://www.zreomusic.com/ I listened to it and decided to mirror it because it was so good. I'm hosting the Houston mirror.
  6. whoa. this is epic song! Edit: I cannot stop the music player! it must continue! Edit: You know whose work this reminds me of? Gustav Holst's.
  7. Minor update: the "Pure Random" option will be fixed in the next Ampache update, making the OCJ that much more enjoyable.
  8. Open your package manager and search for "wine". WINE (Wine Is Not Emulation) is a Windows compatibility layer that lets you run many Windows programs on Linux.
  9. UPDATE: After trying out my new Koss PortaPro headphones, I have found that they have something that my Telex headphones don't: bass. These cost $30-40 instead of $10, but they are much better value. For cheap headphones for game playing, get the Telex phones; for music, get the PortaPros. For instance, the Star Fox remix Barrel Roll's bass drum no longer goes "thup thup thup". It now actually sounds like a bass drum.
  10. Good idea. I made a higher-quality version: Also, 1000-1700 are finished! Woo! Now I just have to figure out a way to easily download the next 71. And tag 1500 songs according to game.
  11. Sure! I might change it to headphones when I get home to my sixteen-CD clipart collection. Thank you!
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