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  1. Wow...Soshoka, if you could send me that, it'd be AWESOME! ^___^ Uhm, you can upload it to rapidshare or something and PM me the link if you want...even better, post it here and share the love? I always loved skullkid's creepy laugh... Also, Rozo...I like where you're headed with it! I think if you could implement some of my guidelines and make it work with what you already have, it would be just what I wanted. Think you can do it? Maybe you can use the clocktower's "tick-tock" as part of the rhythm? I dunno, maybe I'm talking out of place by suggesting this stuff to you, haha--if so, I apologize. ^^;
  2. This song is from the game, "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask". I'm actually surprised no one has ever tried to remix it, yet. Youtube Preview: DL Link: I remember...when this song played in the game--it filled me with a sense of dread. The earth would shake, and the clocktower would sound it's bells. The town itself was empty--the townsfolk had fled. A guard stood watch and stared up at the moon. He would've ran if he could--however, it was his duty to guard the town, even though he visibly shook from fear, one had to admire his resolve. Across from him stood the carpenter, who turned his fear into anger and stood arrogantly in place--determined to prove everyone wrong and be the first to see the dawn of the next day. Basically, I hope whoever wants to remix this can capture that sort of atmosphere. A piano along with strings can handle the main theme/melody, synths can do the backgrounds--or if you see fit, do what you will--it just needs to recapture that same atmosphere. However, I would LOVE it if you could implement the bells in the background. Make it disjointed from the rest of the song--it's just background noise, but have it echo and as the song progresses--grow more important and loud until the end when the song stops suddenly and the bell could ring one final time. I might have gotten carried away, haha...but that's basically it. --Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Good AMVs

    First post! Anywho, I know you said no youtube...AND you bolded it...but heres one that I made. It's decent, no crazy effects, but I spent a lot of time on it and synched it as best as I could. Plz comment.